Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Feeling a Little Random Today

A very tardy, really random Five...

Random Fact #1:

John Astin once yelled at me.

That's right, Gomez Addams.

A much younger, totally star-struck Sandra recognized him while he was directing actors on location at Venice Beach, California.

I was with my sister, Teresa. We thought we'd just stroll along with the rest of the walk-on's in the scene . . . . didn't think he'd notice.

Uh huh.

Random Fact #2:

About eight years ago I had a rather large mole inadvertently removed from the back of my left shoulder by an overzealous, laser-wielding dermatologist.

I still miss that mole.

Random Fact #3:

This one is for those who've ever wondered about the "Artist" part of my internet moniker.

Many years ago, I decided with absolute certainty that when I grew up I was going to be an artist.

It took over 20 years for me to remember that fact.

Random Fact #4:

As a result of the above long-overdue epiphany, almost four years ago I tried sculpting in clay for the very first time-- taking a basic "sculpting-with-clay" class.

The first assignment was to make a small bowl. Part way through the class, I didn't like what I was making. So I collapsed the thing, and saw something very different -- something quite unexpected -- in the clay.


Three months later, I was pregnant with Evan.

Life imitating art, I guess.

Random Fact #5:

Once every few years or so I buy myself a can of Deviled Ham, spread some of this canned-meat-of-my-youth on two slices of white bread, spruce it up with a few leaves of lettuce, and tuck in.

Savoring each and every bite.

But when I'm done, well, I just feel kinda sick.

To continue the random fun, I'm tagging a trio of moms:

Jamie at Olsen Family Diary
Penny at my son has diabetes
and Vivian at DanielDoo

Have fun, ladies!


Nicole P said...

I love that piece of sculpture. And I'm raving jealous -- John Astin yelled at you.

julia said...

Wow, I'm totally impressed by that sculpture. It's lovely.

Funny, I do the deviled ham thing, too, only on Ritz crackers, to really get that whole I Am Eating Food That Is Bad For Me experience.

Shannon said...

I have a friend who was yelled at by Mr. Rogers when she was a little kid. She asked him for an autograph and he yelled "I don't have time for this" and stomped away.

He must have had a lot on his mind that day.

Penny said...

Not, Mr. Roger's? I can't see him yelling at anyone. It must not have been such a beautiful day in the neighborhood that day, huh?

I love the sculpture, Sandra!!

Kerri. said...

The Sculpture: Very cool. I'm impressed.

The Mole: I have a slightly crooked tooth on my bottom row of teeth that my dentist keeps wanting to fix but I refuse to let him do it because I love it.

Mr. Rogers: Maybe his second pair of shoes that das were too tight. Or maybe his favorite blue cardigan had a missing button. Or maybe Lady Elaine Fairchild was giving him the cold shoulder. We may never know.

Sandra Miller said...


Ritz crackers, eh?

Hmmm... the next time the "Devil" takes hold, I'll have to give those a go.

Shannon, I just can't bring myself to comment on the Mr. Rogers' incident-- can't bear to imagine the "nicest man in the neighborhood" yelling at anyone.


Yeah, the whole mole thing was really upsetting. I still remember the first time I felt that mole on my shoulder-- I was about four at the time. Thinking it was a chunk of the Nestle's Quick my mom had just made for me, I tried desperately to rub the thing off.

Crying the whole time.

Until my mom sat me down in her lap, gently stroked the now very sore back of my left shoulder, and calmly explained that this "very special thing" was in fact a "beauty mark."

Over the years, anytime I wasn't feeling particularly beautiful, I would run my fingers over that mole and remember my mother's words. And her wonderful, deep voice as she said them.

Yup, I'm still mad at that doc.

Jamie said...

Oh no! I've been tagged LOL - will have to put some thought into this one.

If it makes you feel any better, I've had two moles removed by a knife-happy surgeon. I now have two craters in my back where they once resided. Nice. I think it would have been better to keep them than sport a few holes in my back!

Had a bit of a LOL at John Astin laughing at you - heh. Love the sculpture - you definately have a natural talent with sculpting :)

Jamie said...

Ok, it's always a good thing to RE-READ your post before making it.

I meant to say I had a bit of a laugh at John Astin YELLING at you.

*sigh* One brain cell working today.

Tekakwitha said...

Let me just chime in and echo everyone else! Beautiful sculpture Sandra. :)

I'm plugging me ears. Mr. Rogers doesn't even know HOW to yell.


Penny said...

Sandra, was Sean there when Mr. Astin yelled at you? I've always had a crush on him. (Sean, not Gomez)

christy214 said...

That's a very beautiful sculpture.

I never connected Sean Astin with
GOMEZ for a father. Is this the same Sean Astin from Goonies, and 50 First Dates!
I've learned something new today!

Penny said...

Yes, it is. I've had a crush on him ever since The Goonies. I love that movie. I actually own it. I also liked him in 50 First Dates. He was wierd, but still cute.

Kerri. said...

Goonies and 50 First Dates, of course, but Sean Astin was also Sam in Lord of the Rings.

Let us not forget dear Peter Jackson.

Penny said...

Kerri, the ears didn't do anything for me.

Sandra Miller said...

Not long after seeing The Return of the King, Ryan surprised me with a new screensaver for the laptop-- two small words gliding across the screen:

Samwise Gamgee

He was, and still is, my favorite hobbit (plus I really just enjoy saying the name).

That his dad is Gomez is simply icing on the cake.

(And Penny, I'm a sucker for funky ears-- as a kid I had a mad crush on Mr. Spock).

Ellen said...


Gorgeous sculpture

gina said...

Great ARt! that is one thing i never did...sculpture in school, im not sure why...

Johnboy said...

...and to think that your beautiful creation was to be an ordinary "small bowl". You clearly have vision beyond the ordinary and a refreshing perspective I might add.

Keep creating!!