Friday, May 08, 2009

Swine Flu

On my way to pick up Joseph, I can't help smiling.

The sun is bright, the air warm, and it's Friday.

Ice cream, that's all this day needs.

Just as my boy climbs in the car, I turn and flash him a grin.

"How 'bout we pick up Evan and then go for some ice cream?"

"That'd be great," Joseph says.

And then he turns and looks out the window.

"What's up, Bud? Anything happen at school today?"

"A kid got swine flu."


"Swine flu."

"Wait a minute... is it confirmed?"


"Are you sure, because it takes ti- "

"Mom, they talked to us about it. And there's a note in my backpack. Kids were freaking out. Some parents even showed up to take their kids home."

"Bud, do you know the kid-- the one who got the flu?

"Yeah, he's not in any of my classes, but he's in my grade."

"Hmmm... well, are they closing the school?"


"Really? Huh."

Neither of us says anything for about a minute.

"Hey, Bud-- are you scared?"

"Heck, no. You said I shouldn't be, and we heard that doctor on the radio last week giving all the reasons why we shouldn't panic. No, I'm not scared. I'm just a little mad."


"Because they didn't close the school."

And now he's the one grinning.

So we pick up Evan, have some ice cream and then make our way home. We're not in the door five minutes before Joseph and Evan head outside to play baseball with a couple of friends.

While I sit inside writing this post.

Wondering if I should be scared.