Friday, May 08, 2009

Swine Flu

On my way to pick up Joseph, I can't help smiling.

The sun is bright, the air warm, and it's Friday.

Ice cream, that's all this day needs.

Just as my boy climbs in the car, I turn and flash him a grin.

"How 'bout we pick up Evan and then go for some ice cream?"

"That'd be great," Joseph says.

And then he turns and looks out the window.

"What's up, Bud? Anything happen at school today?"

"A kid got swine flu."


"Swine flu."

"Wait a minute... is it confirmed?"


"Are you sure, because it takes ti- "

"Mom, they talked to us about it. And there's a note in my backpack. Kids were freaking out. Some parents even showed up to take their kids home."

"Bud, do you know the kid-- the one who got the flu?

"Yeah, he's not in any of my classes, but he's in my grade."

"Hmmm... well, are they closing the school?"


"Really? Huh."

Neither of us says anything for about a minute.

"Hey, Bud-- are you scared?"

"Heck, no. You said I shouldn't be, and we heard that doctor on the radio last week giving all the reasons why we shouldn't panic. No, I'm not scared. I'm just a little mad."


"Because they didn't close the school."

And now he's the one grinning.

So we pick up Evan, have some ice cream and then make our way home. We're not in the door five minutes before Joseph and Evan head outside to play baseball with a couple of friends.

While I sit inside writing this post.

Wondering if I should be scared.


JellyBean7778 said...

I don't think there's anything to worry about... yet. But this darn thing keeps spreading according to so who knows..

Anne said...

For what it's worth, one of my friends is studying to be an epidemiologist (she's finishing up her thesis now). She says it's a long way from the point where we need to start being scared, so I wouldn't worry too much.

Carol Brooks said...

Young children, elderly people and people with chronic illnesses are at greatest risk for severe illness from the flu. This virus is spreading from person-to-person. Consulting a health care professional is important if you experience severe flu-like symptoms. Know more read here

Mr.Monetize said...

Hi Sandra, I think this is something that we are all going to have to get use to. And I agree with JellyBean nothing to worry about hopefully the child with the flu will be staying home. Stay informed

Anonymous said...

Working at a large lawfirm in NYC (where the most cases of swine flu in the US have been confirmed), I am very worried. Wash hands, wipe down surfaces, keyboards, phones, etc. before work, etc. I know if my niece gets the flu, she may have problems. As with any flu. Gets flu shots every year as a protection. Thankfully, the virus in the U.S. has proven more benign. And I am hopeful there will be a vaccine for this in a few months time. Until then, fingers, toes and eyes crossed.

Diabetes Type said...

I think you should be okay, Rumor is there maybe a new shot being released which can make your immune to the swine flu. I think you should be okay. Happy blogging

Elizabeth Snouffer said...

I think the time to worry may be coming this winter, but probably not now.
Thank you for keeping my blog afloat on your list. Very kind of you....I have finally added a new post after 2 years! Check it out and keep in touch. I live in Hong Kong now...I reviewed your entire blog and was so impressed with the video of your son. So smart.
Elizabeth @

Shannon said...

LOL, he's such a wise guy. I love it. Closing the school would've been HIS brand of ice cream...what a treat :)

Telephone Triage said...

There no point getting scared...I am sure it will soon be at bay.

Good Health Blog said...

hey don;t are in fear og no means..enjoy and take all possible precautionary measures you can take..most importntly do wash your hands..if u keep in contact with any person..

Tony said...

Hey Sandra,

I work & live in NYC..and I travel the trains & buses about 4 times a day...I was worried a few months ago with many many people coughing and sneezing...but I still see them some 6 months later and everyone is fine.
You can't live life in fear...just live :-)