Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A Couple of Quick Updates

On the case search:

Thanks to everyone who has been (and is still) out there looking, and to those of you who've posted comments and sent emails with suggestions. For now, Joseph is wearing the Cozmo case (thanks, Shannon).

While he does like it, I'm afraid it's a temporary fix. You see, there are a couple of drawbacks-- one minor, one not so minor. As Jay pointed out in a comment, the rather bulky clip does not swivel completely, thus the case is worn at an angle instead of completely horizontal. Joseph doesn't seem to mind this too much, though.

The big issue, however, is that this case is a pretty tight fit for the Animas pump (which is not quite as long and narrow as the Cozmo). Push the pump down into the case and you put pressure on the buttons at the front of the pump. Possible result: a bolus of insulin could be inadvertently given.

Not. Good.

Now, since this is the only case Joseph wants to wear (the others we have just drive him crazy), he must always remember to lock the keys before returning the pump to its case.

I don't like that. It's just too easy for him to forget.

Soooo, the search continues...

On the molluscum:

Evan's bottom no longer has that handful of raised bumps. No, now it just looks as if a bomb was set off in the middle, blasting those original bumps from the center, leaving areas of reddened, injured flesh. But, oh no, that's not all. Now new, smaller brethren have appeared scattered upon her butt cheeks, thighs.... slowly making their way up her front.

Man, why did I let her doc treat this thing?

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