Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick or Treat!

The Princess, and um . . .

the "Torture Victim."

(note the pillow case, for maximum treat volume)

Halloween is done. The last of the Trick or Treaters have come and gone. Joseph is still up, listening to music, while Ryan is chatting on the phone with a friend.

And Evan, well that little princess is passed out upstairs-- spent from the thrills of the evening. The candy (oh, and there was so very much candy). The costumes. The Halloween trappings.

Once darkness fell, she couldn't wait to get out there.

Very pretty, and, uh...

not so much.

This year, Joseph decided he must be very scary.

I thought he really pulled it off.

And at the end of the evening,

the Princess takes a call.

Halloween "Post-mortem"

Despite consuming about 30 grams worth of candy, Joseph's blood sugars held steady (low 90s to mid 100s) throughout the night. Some well-timed boluses, coupled with his running all over the neighborhood scaring the bejeezus out of small children (and some large adults), appeared to do the trick.

Oh, and that thing attached to his face? It's a very lightweight, rubber prosthetic bolt. A glue-like substance called "spirit gum" holds it (and the ugly looking scar on his collar bone) in place. Stage blood was added for further authenticity.

Yeah, he was pleased.


Tekakwitha said...

Very pretty and Very scary. Respectively!


julia said...

Awwww....she's cute. Yeah, you're right, him, not so much. ;)

It must have been the year for gross costumes. Olivia went as a dead cheerleader. Such a strange child I have....NO idea where that comes from.

What is that on the side of his head?

christy214 said...

Awww what a very cute princess!
I think Joseph pulled off being very scary very well!

Jay said...

Yeah, I want to know what's attached to his face too. Great pictures. You'll have to let us know how he deals with all the candy he got.

Sandra Miller said...

Thanks for the kudos for the kids. I thought they both looked pretty terrific myself.

And yeah Julia, I know what you mean about the gross costumes. The last few years seemed to be all about the Scream mask, horror robes, and the like...

This year, it's just blood and gore for the adolescent set.

And finally, about Joseph's sugars and that thing on his head-- I've added an addendum to the post to address exactly these questions. :)

As far as how we'll handle the vast remainder of Joseph's booty, well, we'll just do what we've always done (even before his diagnosis)-- dole it out one or two pieces at a time.

It usually lasts MANY months!

Jamie said...

Sandra - the kids look great! Evan is so sweet and you did a great job on Joseph's "gory" costume :)

Great job on the sugar control too. We had a good night as well (woo hoo!). Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

Andrea said...

Sounds like they both had a GREAT time :) and both of them look so into being there halloween character. Probably half the fun is getting dressed and made up.
I'm glad to hear that Joseph's sugars behaved too. Probably made the night that much sweeter for him and you both :)

Laura said...

Awesome Costumes

Shannon said...

Very creative! For now, we trade Brendon's candy in for a toy. We of course save some, but 95% of it is hidden so that Jeff and I can snack on it.

Kerri. said...

Excellent costumes!