Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Desperately Seeking THIS Case

Or one very much like it.

It's falling apart, and that's a problem.

Since Joseph started pumping at the end of January, he's gone through two of the leather pump cases Animas provides (the velcro would always wear out, thus allowing the pump to fly free whenever Joseph was especially active). Next he tried a zippered pouch I had ordered from Pump Wear, Inc. It was a bit too big and "floppy" for Joseph's taste. I've had folks recommend a pump "harness," but Joseph is one of those kids who doesn't like to feel the pump on his body.

Sooooo, for quite some time we were on the hunt for alternatives. And that's when Ryan, who was visiting a friend down in Florida a few months ago, stumbled upon this cell phone case at a flea market. It was the only one, and it was a perfect fit.

The case has a clip that swivels (Joseph likes to wear it horizontally), a plastic clasp for a closure (Ryan is convinced that the ubiquitous magnetic closures won't hold when Joseph is really active), and it literally seems made for the Animas IR 1200.

So what's our problem, then? Well, the damn thing just fell apart. The back of the case has torn away at the seams. I've done a bit of makeshift repair-- using basting tape, and a tricky bit of sewing. But, alas, I think I'm in way over my head with this project. There's simply not much left on the back of this case to work with.

Now, some might say: "Come on. Just get the kid another case and be done with it."

It's not that simple.

Joseph is very attached (no pun, really, no pun intended) to this cell phone case. And because of this, Ryan's friend down in Florida has been scouring flea markets for the past few months, in search of more of these cases (yes, he is a very sweet man). He did have some luck-- he just sent us two cases that were very close, but (and for Joseph, this is one big but) not really right. The clip doesn't swivel, so he has to always wear it the long way down. The clip is also larger, wider, and an uncovered metal-- thus it's not as comfortable. And worst of all, it can easily slip off of his pants. Dang!

Last night, after Joseph had been wearing one of these new cases for several hours, he got really upset, nearly throwing the thing on the floor.

"I just want to wear my old case. I hate this thing! It just doesn't feel right!"

Then he stood there and cried-- with his old case cradled in his hands, holding it to his chest.

Now, I'm sure that many of you -- maybe those who don't wear an insulin pump or have a child who does -- might view this as an overreaction. But please imagine for a moment that you own some piece of equipment, one that has a bit of weight to it, and you have to wear it every day, all day-- and all night. There is never a break.

You'd want that thing to feel comfortable on, yes?

Now imagine that you've been wearing it for, oh, six months, and have experienced amazing amounts of frustration because every time you wear it, and try to do anything active, it either falls out or gets in the way. But then, almost magically, you've found that perfect container. One that makes wearing this thing almost effortless. You don't even think about what a drag it is to attach it, because it clips on easily and in just the right position. You can access it easily when you need to, but when you don't, everything stays secure.

Now that container is gone.

If anyone has any leads on this case (or one very similar), or has any suggestions, please comment or email. I will thank you.

And man, my son will really thank you.


Shannon said...

Cozmo makes a nice small case just like the one you showed. It will fit your pump, but you'll have to put it in backwards so that the tubing sticks out the right way. It costs $9.

Good luck!

Sandra Miller said...

Hey Shannon,

Thanks. I just ordered this case from Smith's.

I'm wondering, how does it clasp? Does it have a velcro or a magnetic closure?

I'm also a bit concerned about bulkiness-- the one we had was so light (probably why the dang thing fell apart!).

Anyhow, it does sound (and from the photos at the Cozmore site, look) like it might work.

And I figure, for nine bucks, we'll give it a go...

Shannon said...

To tell you the truth, we don't use it. Brendon is too young to have something he can have access to. He uses the Animas pump harness.

I hope he likes it. If he doesn't, it can at least be used as a backup.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra,

You should try Radio Shack. They have a huge selection -- and I know they'll have one similar (at least) to what you're looking for. I use a Milano cell phone case for my pump (Cozmo.) I found it at Radio Shack. They're a little pricey $20-30.00, but I bet you'd have great luck.

Let us know what you find!

Sandra Miller said...


I took Joseph to Radio Shack tonight-- nothing. They had some nice cases, but they were either too big or too small. Or they had a clip that did not rotate.

Thanks for the suggestion, though. We'll keep trying...

Laura said...

Have you tried looking on ebay?

Sandra Miller said...


Yup, I did try ebay. And man, do they sell a LOT of cases! Unfortunately, anything that looked right size-wise had a magnetic closure (and Ryan REALLY thinks that won't hold when Joseph's very active).

I've also searched cell phone and cell phone accessory retailers all over the web-- same result.

Thus my desperate plea to all of you...

We'll keep looking, and maybe someone out there will come across something that might work (I'm hoping the Cozmo case that Shannon suggested will do the trick-- I'll let ya'll know what happens after we receive it).

Take Care,

Jay said...

Cases are difficult. I do have some suggestions.

1. The Cozmo case I found to be horrible. The clip is big and bulky and has a tendancy to poke you right in your side. Also the clip doesn't swivel all the way horizontal. Most Cozmo users hate the new case (Now only case).
2. Contact the sales rep for the pump. Mine knew *every* cell case that would fit the cozmo. The one he used on his cozmo is called a "Body Glove Wow Pouch". You can only get it at Sprint cell phone stores, and it's $30. If you google that exact name the sprint link is the second one. It has a slim clip that has 360 degree swivel, the loop that goes over the top hold the pump really well, and it's easy to get off with one had to get the pump out. The case is *very* well padded, and exceptionally durable.

My clip broke after a year, and I need to go out and get a new one this weekend. I too am exceptionally picky about my case, as I use it 23.5 hours a day, everyday. Good luck, and let us know which case works out!

Gina said...


I wil print out that cell case and search the city streets of new york, on every corner their are guys selling phone has to be someone here!!

i hope i find it for u!


gina said...


Sandra Miller said...


Whether you find this case or not...

You rock.


gina said...

No problem

Jay said...

Update: None of the Sprint stores near me in the Detroit are had the case in stock. I just ordered one off the website. I'll post pictures of it on Friday when I get it.

Sandra Miller said...

Thanks, Jay.

I've been striking out at the Sprint stores here as well.

My only concern about this case is whether or not it can accomodate the shape of Joseph's pump-- it's a bit more square than the Cozmo.

I look forward to seeing the photos you post...

Martha O'Connor said...

You might try the pump packs at I'm pretty sure that's the URL. This gal named Theresa will make a pack to your own specs, with your fabric choice. Attaches via velcro around the waist. Our son has one in camoflauge. Might be worth a try?

Carrie said...

Martha had the web page wrong. Her address is They are really comfortable to wear and not bulky or floppy. Good luck with the cel phone case! They are hard to find.