Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another Update

They're home.

Thank. God.

Half an hour before they got in, I called Ryan's cell phone yet again to see how close they were to home-- I was petrified because the news had said sections of I-94 between here and the Dells were closed due to flooding.

They'd warned that road conditions were "extremely dangerous."

Ryan's cell didn't answer, so I left a message.

I tried again.

Several times.

I called Joseph's cell phone.

Still no answer.

By the time they finally walked through the front door I was a basket case.

Apparently, Joseph's phone had died, and he'd been using Ryan's cell phone to take photos of the flooding they saw-- sections of the highway were literally under water.


But they're home safe, and the tornado warning has finally been lifted (though we're still under a tornado "watch" until 2am).

It's storming like bejeezus out there-- heavy rain, thunder, lightning, the works.

But we're all fine.

And if I get the chance tomorrow, I'll share details of the actual field trip.


Molly said...

Thank goodness. Glad everyone survived the day. This weather is really overwhelming! All of the flooding and tornadic activity. Yikes!!
I bet you are completely exhausted after your emotional day. Get a good night of sleep.

Jillian said...

Thank goodness! I'm glad to be waking up to good news. Everyone is safe and together now and that's what matters. Hopefully by now you are a little more relaxed!

Nicole P said...

Oh, I'm so glad to read this, Sandra. I'm so happy you're all OK. Please - share about the field trip!! :)

Minnesota Nice said...

Oh for pity sake, Sandra. Excuse the pun, but, when it rains, it pours.
I think we're gonna be in for a stormy summer. I don't think tornados come directly into the core city, where I live - seems like they need some open space to gather up the spin.
We only had marbl size hail. I have to park on the street and a few years ago lost my back windshield to hail. Yikes.
Glad everyone was safe.

Lea said...

I'm glad they made it home okay. My goodness, can't imagine going through that weather and all that worry.

Minnesota Nice said...

I just ran into a neighbor who came back from the Dells last night - usually it takes them 4.5 hours; this time it took over 9!

Ashley said...

oh wow. my chest was getting tight worrying about your boys! i'm so glad everyone is safe. at least now you can sleep!

farmerjulie said...

Hi..nice to know other moms that have kids with diabetes. My son was diagnosed in december, he is 13 and daughter was diagnosed in may she is 8..a little hectic, but i wanted to say hello!! and nice to meet you!

Bernard said...


I just read this today. I cannot imagine what you must have been going through. I so glad everyone is OK.

Rebbecca-COSprings-OOC said...

I am a lurker, first time commenter. I have read your blog for a little while, was wondering if you are ok...miss reading your wonderful writing! Hope all is going well...

Allison said...

Saaaandra! I miss you! Come back! :-)


Sazz said...

I'm read your blog for a long time and this is only my second post (I wrote another one back when you were considering stopping your blog, I was the 13 year old girl from the UK) and I was wondering why you have stopped blogging. Is everything ok?