Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Treats

Sunset behind our house last night...

... a perfect precursor to All Hallows Eve.

This year they both wanted to be scary.

The Gruesome ER Doc...

... and the Spider Princess

The kids (and a friend of Joseph's) have some scary fun
before the big candy haul.

And finally, a poem...

Joseph wrote this four years ago -- the day before his seventh birthday -- just a few weeks before Halloween.

I don't think I'd ever heard his classmates any quieter than they were the day Joseph read his contribution to the first-grade classroom poetry book...

The Graveyard

The graveyard is haunted, haunted, haunted.
The sound of witch's brooms.

And finally, Frankenstein
The monster.
His creator, Doctor Frankenstein.
Doctor Frankenstein loves Frankenstein.
Do you love Frankenstein?

The zombie, a relative of Frankenstein's.
The zombie is known for his bad behavior.
The dead are in the graveyard.
But they are not any dead.
They are the living dead.

The vampire awakes.
His cape darkens.
His mouth opens.
The coffin shuts.

The room is becoming very, very dark.
The werewolf howls.
The phantoms scatter.
The wind howls.
Ooooo. Ooooo.

The whomping willow
Swings its branches.
All the mummies
Dance with the ghost babies.
All the hideous beings.

The cup of goo.
The blood.
All the blood in the world.

All the monsters dance.
The graveyard is haunted, haunted, haunted.


Shannon said...

Boys and their love of gore....LOL.

I love the spider princess costume and the way you photographed her from above.

Good poem too....definitely got the spirit of Halloween in it.

Gina said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEIR COSTUMES, so scary! Josephs poem is awesome!

I made a poem too on my blog lol not as good as his

Sandra Miller said...

Yes, Shannon-- you are so right, they do love gore.

And Gina--

Thanks. I was a bit surprised that Evan wanted to be scary, too-- quite the departure from her costume last year. :-)

And on Joseph's poem-- after we'd read Harry Potter together, and watched a few Boris Karloff/Lon Chaney flicks, the boy was inspired.

Blew away his teachers (and quite frankly, me too) with this one.

Kerri. said...

Terrific costumes. Your kids do this Halloween thing the way it should be done - BIG.

And what a writing talent Joseph has already harnessed! It appears that apple didn't fall too far from the tree. :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, the BLODDY ER DOC thing turned out FANTASTIC. You did not toot your horn about it in my comments nearly enough. It WAY out does the fireman!

Minnesota Nice said...

Grooooooovy new photo of you! I was scanning the comments and thought, "who does that new face belong to?"

Sandra Miller said...

Yes, Kerri-- BIG is exactly the way we do Halloween over here. You should see our front yard... VERY scary. :-)


Aw shucks, now I'm blushing...

And MN-

Hey, thanks for noticing the new photo-- my husband will be pleased. He's been wanting me to take down the old one for quite some time-- in fact, he took this very snap on Sunday during our visit to a frost-exposed, horribly-picked-over pumpkin patch.

Graveyard would have been a more apt name for it-- what with all of the rotting pumpkins lying about.

All we came home with were two sad-looking little pumpkins-- and my new profile photo.

nicolep said...


You've got a real writing talent happening there. The kid never ceases to amaze me. :)

Love the gore. Always did. Still do.

Hope all is as well as it looks from the photos.

Laura said...

Awesome Awesome Costumes.