Friday, October 20, 2006

Okay, So It's All Good

All right. This is the first time I've had an opportunity to update you all on our situation.

(It's been really, really busy over here; Evan's been sick -- again -- poor kid, and Blogger has given me grief each time I've tried to post! Grrrr.)

So, while waiting for a call back from Animas, I spent all of Wednesday fuming-- getting more riled with each passing hour.

Oh yes, I was itchin' for a fight.

Well, folks-- I never got one.

In fact, the people at Animas reminded me yet again why I was so very glad Joseph had chosen their pump in the first place.

Wednesday night, I got a call back from a very apologetic Pump Support Manager. It seems that the person who sent me the offending email had forwarded my voice message (and a rather stern email I'd sent to her) to the Pump Support Manager-- who had been out of the office all day (thus the after-hours call back).

Anyhow, she explained that the email I'd received was the result of periodic audits done on "outstanding" product.

That in essence, I'd gotten a form letter.

"This is more than a little upsetting," I explained, "given the reason we had the loaner pump in the first place."

"Yes, I understand completely," she said. "My son wears an insulin pump-- I'd be very angry, too."

We went on to discuss details of our previous pump failures, and how well Joseph's current pump has been working.

"Well, it does sound like you have more confidence in your son's current insulin pump," she said, "but still, why don't we have you hold onto that loaner until 2007?

We'll just call you back after the first of the year and see how you're feeling then-- that way you can get through the holidays with no worries."

And that was it.

Oh wait, there's more...

I got a second call yesterday afternoon from Animas-- following up on my request for information about our last pump failure (I never did find out if the priming problems we'd had were just us or the pump). Seems it had been a malfunction-- an "intermittent connection" problem.

So, once again-- it's all good.


julia said...

Well that's good. What did you do with all that riled-up-edness, though? I kind of hate it when that happens. I'm left there, ready to get good and pissed and then, poof, I can't. It bugs me.

I'm weird. I know.

KWeaver said...

Nice to see I was right -- and maybe they will tone down their computer generated stuff.

Sandra Miller said...

Oh Julia,

Not weird. Not at all.

On the phone (aside from explaining how upset I was by the email and reviewing our history) I was all like, "ah well, that explains it" and "well yes, that sounds good."

Really, nothing like the email I'd sent-- or what I'd been prepared to say on that call.

So while I'm glad it was a stupid computer glitch, I think I was twitching for an hour or so after...


Indeed, let's hope they do.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you got that all worked out. I would have been up in arms as well, but it sounds like they were on top of it. Sometimes technology is a little farther ahead of the game than we want them to be!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm kinda makes you look like a fool doesnt it???