Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Thanks, everyone-- for the support and kind thoughts.

After sharing the comments from my previous post with Joseph -- as well as a very thoughtful e-card sent by the lovely Miss Allison -- we ended up spending Saturday afternoon at a company picnic.

The theme was "Down on the Farm."

Throughout the day, Joseph and Evan rode a pony; held baby chicks, ducks, and some rather rambunctious bunnies; and fed all manner of farm animals-- goats, pigs, sheep, even llamas. Later, Ryan and Joseph dominated the bean bag toss-- while I, dear friends, took part in a pie eating contest.

No, I didn't win-- in fact, I came in dead last -- hobbled by my mother's early lessons on eating "like a lady."

And a very watery blueberry pie.

The only time the subject of Joseph's anniversary really came up was when he told Ryan's boss about it-- a man who has been type 1 for 32 years and is still on shots.

They traded stories, with Joseph showing him his pump and giving him a primer on the thing.

Now, I did want to do something special with Joseph this weekend-- just the two of us.

Sooooo... I took him to a local pub Sunday night to see the Red Sox play the Yankees on ESPN (we don't have cable).

We shot pool and watched Curt Schilling pitch a brilliant game... only to lose the thing in the 10th inning. Ah well.

And while we discovered that the bartenders at this particular pub were Red Sox fans, we didn't talk about diabetes at all.

A Post Script:

Per Jamie's request -- me, eating pie:

Just click on the photo if you'd like to see more pie-eating and some snaps of the kids on ponies.


Vivian said...

Sounds like you found the perfect way to deal with the day. Glad you got through it unscathed. Big Hugs.

Nicole P said...


I'm sorry I hadn't commented on your last post. Somehow - I missed it.

Please tell Joseph that I'm proud of him - these two years, I know, have been difficult, but he's a tough cookie. And I'm proud of you too! It sounds like the two of you had a great evening - I'm glad for that.

Please also share with your boy that his slogan has become a theme around here at my office - people think my screensaver is related to our Silver Anniversary being this year at the agency - and I always tell them Joseph's story and how silver really is the color of progress!

Kerri. said...

Sometimes a little Red Sox action is all you need to properly acknowledge the day.

Too bad they lost. It was a heartbreaker.

And almost everyone here at dLife is a Yankees or a Mets fan, so it's lonely as the little Sox fan. I'm glad you guys are all out there!

Sandra Miller said...

Thanks, Vivian.

I'm glad, too.


I love this. I loved when Joseph said it, and can't tell you how tickled I am that you've adopted his slogan.


Can't tell you how amazed and pleased we've been at the number of Red Sox fans we've come across out here-- only wish I could send a few of them your way...

Jamie said...

I think that's a great way to spend the day :)

I would have loved to have seen you do the blueberry pie eating contest, though - hee hee - any pictures of that??? LOL

Jamie said...

LOL! Thanks! I loved the pictures. I have to say, your kids are just gorgeous :)

Thanks for the picture. I think I have been scarred from watching "Stand By Me" - you know, the part when he tells the story of the pie eating contest??? LOL.

Boom - bubba - boom - bubba - boom.

Yep, that movie warped me bad.

I enjoyed the pictures!

Nic said...

What a cool mom Joseph has!

julia said...

Dood, you're nibbling the pie! You're hysterical.

Shannon said...

OMG, that pie eating contest has got me laughing!! Get your face in there, girl!

And here's some good wishes for another healthy year :)

Sandra Miller said...


LOL-- I haven't thought of that movie in years... there's no way I would've been able to sit in front of a pie, a blueberry pie (and you know, we had a choice of pies-- I picked the blueberry) if I'd remembered that scene!

Julia & Shannon--

Pathetic, I know.

But when I found out there'd be a pie-eating contest, I thought:

"Hmmm.... now that might be funny since I'm a damn slow eater-- even when I try not to be."


Ryan and the kids are always long done with their dinners while I'm still pluggin' away.

It's usually cold before I'm finished.

Nicole P said...

Evan looks very much like her mother - you can see the resemblence in these photos.

Also - Joseph is drinking my favorite soda EVER. Jones is the stuff, for sure.

You look like you're at a dinner party.

Minnesota Nice said...

That's not the way we eat pie in Minnesota - you gotta swing yourself over the border and somebody'd show you how to let it just s..l..i..d..e right down your face - absolutely no hands allowed.
In terms of Joseph, think of the quote "the years teach us that which the days never know" - despite days that are sometimes laden with a sense of overwhelming frustration, anger, and sadness, I look back at the years and see myself growing in depth, strength, and compassion.