Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Finally-- An Outward Sign

Joseph and I went shopping this afternoon and bought this:

For him.

The boy had broken out literally overnight.

Not terribly so, mind you-- only five or six little pink blemishes scattered about his face.

Just enough to prompt him to want to take action.

And more than enough to help explain his sudden need for a lot more insulin. I've been giving him 40-50% more basal insulin over the past two days and (thankfully) that's been keeping him in the mid to high 100s for the most part-- with a single foray into the 80s before dinner tonight.

Ten minutes ago, he was 114.

I'll try to keep ya'll posted. In the meantime -- yes, I know -- I promised I'd share the low-down on diabetes camp.

Honest, it's coming.


Shannon said...

Aww, he's hit puberty. He'll have to decide on deodorant now :)

David Edelman said...

I highly recommend Old Spice! It goes on easy, works for a LONG time, doesn't leave obnoxious residue, and smells pleasant. Shortly after I switched I got engaged. A coincidence? Hardly!

Sandra Miller said...


Joseph tried Mitchum (nearly a year ago) and Axe several months back (because you know, it's supposed to attract girls).

But when I told him the Axe kinda smelled like perfume, he switched to the more sporty Adidas :-)

And David,

You might be on to something-- Ryan has used Old Spice since before we met-- and I fell for him instantly.

Twenty years ago this month.

Shannon said...

Ha Ha!! I was going to suggest he try Axe...I knew he'd be into attracting the ladies, lol.

The sporty smell is the way to go.... :)

My dad uses Old Spice aftershave. I still buy it for him every Father's Day.

Jamie said...

Ahhh, puberty! Nothing wreaks havoc on a kids blood sugars than the hormones *sigh*.

Hah ha ha! Old spice! My Dad uses it .... I used to bug him and call it "Old Man" (don't worry, he laughs about it) ... mind you, the new stuff they have out smells pretty good. Gotta attract the chicks.

Btw - my dh used Axe when I was pg with Danielle. It has been banned from the house ever since (bad morning sickness). lol.