Friday, August 14, 2009

A Quick One Before We Leave Town

We're in the homestretch of summer vacation and it's been crazy over here.

Late last week, my external hard drive crashed... that would be the hard drive containing backups of our documents, photos and the only copies of my edited videos (files too big to store on our laptop).

Thankfully, the Geek Squad was able to recover most of my files, however, a directory containing a large number of my edited videos was lost.

I can't even tell you how much this hurts.

So let's just move on.

In the midst of the hard drive debacle, we got a call.

"Hello-- Sandra," I heard a familiar voice say.


"Yeah, um... I'm coming out for a visit... do you think I could spend a night at your house?"

"Oh, my God-- of course you can!"

For two days and one night, it was like he'd never left.

That's why when Zach's mom said they were heading out Thursday morning with friends to a huge water park, I asked:

"How would you feel if we met you guys there?"

While I didn't want to horn in on their plans, I sure as heck knew how Joseph and Zachary would feel.

"That would be terrific," Zach's mom responded.

Soooo, despite having laundry and tons of packing to do (we leave tomorrow for a road trip to the Smoky Mountains), I drove an hour away with my kids, sat astride countless inner tubes, shot down a myriad of slides with my little girl...

While my son had yet another day with his best friend.

How did diabetes figure into all this?

Well, Joseph's blood sugar plummeted to 46 by the end of his first day with Zachary-- at dusk, the two boys working on Zach's pitching, just didn't want to come in for dinner.

Ten minutes and three glucose tabs later, Joseph was 98 and chowing down on a big plate of pasta with the rest of us.

Yesterday at the water park, Joseph was disconnected from his pump the whole time. Yes, he was high as a kite and his set came out on one of the many daredevil slides he and Zach rode down together-- but we got him back in range before bedtime.

Again, I promise I'll finish the camp story (had it half written when the dang back-up drive failed) and I really, really need to tell you at least one baseball story, but you likely won't see these until after we return late next week.


Penny said...

Have fun, Sandra.

Scott K. Johnson said...

What a great thing for those two buddies!

Colleen said...

How fun for the guys to see each other!

Bernard said...

That's great. Joseph's smile speaks volumes.

phonelady said...

wow you lucky duck I love , love , love the smoky mountains !! Oh did i say I love the smoky mts ? I meant I love the time away from it all . I am sure you guys do too as well .

Diane J Standiford said...

Sounds like a great time!! Summer time is memory-making time for kids.

Bernard said...


I hope the back to school craziness went well for you. All of our kids were exhausted at the end of the first week. I wish you all a wonderful fall.