Monday, August 03, 2009

Coming Up for Air

Okay, so.

Joseph went to camp last week and I've got A LOT to say about it.

Some absolutely awesome, some... pretty horrendous.

But I can't write about it today because it's our first day home from Joseph's road trip with his little league All Star team. (I've got some stories about that, too.)

Yes, I know. My posting has been choppy at best. I can't promise that I'll post more regularly because I've done that before and it hasn't worked. So I'm just gonna dive in when I get the chance and the inspiration.

(Sadly, I've had plenty of the latter, not so much of the former).

Why didn't I post last week while Joseph was away -- and Evan was at "Gramma" camp -- you might ask?

Well, it was THE week-- the one and only week of the year that Ryan and I have together when neither of us are checking Joseph's bgs overnight. When we're not thinking about boluses, about carbs, when we're not taking care of our kids...

So I wasn't on the computer at all, instead riding my bike with my husband-- logging 25-37 miles a day. Going out to dinner. Seeing a movie. Just staying home.

Being a couple.

It was our "Date" camp, and it was grand.

More soon...


Colleen said...

"Date Camp" - I love it! Good for both of you.

Kevin said...

Cute post! Hope you get more chances to blog. Glad you had time for yourselves while the kids were away. I work for icyou is a user-generated website for health care videos. I think you may be interested in some of the work we are doing. Here's a link to a video, check it out, your kids may enjoy it too:

Carol said...

Sandra, it sounds like you had a wonderful week. You deserve it. I'm very curious about Joseph's camp experience. Please post as soon as you can.

Paige said...

Date Camp sounds divine!

Molly said...

Date camp sounds like a perfect way to spend a week taking care of yourself, and each other.
Sorry to hear that there's some horrendous parts about camp. Hoping that the "absolutely awesome" parts are what stick with Joseph.

Sandra Miller said...

Colleen -

It was good for both of us. :-)

Kevin -

Thanks. I'll check out your site.

Carol -

I should have a camp post up before week's end. I've been doing a lot of catch up today. Also, just set up a twitter account so I can keep folks posted during those times when things get a little too hectic...

Paige -

I highly recommend it! :-)

Molly -

The horrendous part most definitely did not get in Joseph's way-- camp was still "the bomb"! :-)

Rachel said...

Yay for "date camp"! You deserve it.

Snackrifices said...

this is cute! i hear you, too, on the lack of alone time. we got married thursday, had houseguests and kids since thursday, and have been exhausted for any "newlywed time" after bedtime.
i'm glad you managed to get a week to yourselves!

Bernard said...

Sandra, we'll wait so don't rush to post.

I'm sorry to hear that camp wasn't perfect, but then I guess it never is. Glad to hear you had a good Date camp...those things are really important for you, which means they're also important for your family.

Sandra Miller said...

Thanks, Rachel.

Snackrifices -


I hope you two can get some of that alone time soon as well.

Bernard -

Just posted about camp-- thanks for being so patient. :-)

And yes, I very much agree-- Date camp was a good thing for all of us.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Date camp sounds grand! I need to figure out something like that...

phonelady said...

that sounds so cute if you will pardon that word cute . I love the idea of it but my hubby and I never know when some low is going to rear its ugly head and then I am shot for the rest of the day . LOL !!! I am glad you and the hubby got some much needed time .