Monday, April 14, 2008

Still Another Voice

For more than three years I've posted about our experience living with Type 1 diabetes.

About the incessant highs, the dangerous lows; about the long nights and the early mornings.

And I've come clean about the fear.

Today, I'm just tired-- and more than a little hoarse.

Even so, today is too important a day not to post.

Because the voices of those living with Type 1 diabetes far too often go unheard-- drowned out by the cacophony of misperceptions coming from the media, from those who once had an Aunt or Uncle or Grandfather with Type 2.

From folks who think they know.

Or worse-- don't care to learn.

It's maddening, really.

When so many around you have no clue about something that has such a profound impact on every aspect of your child's life.

Something that could kill him.

So today we're all raising our voices about Type 1 diabetes.

A disease with no cure.

A disease that requires insulin injections or boluses, careful monitoring and emergency preparedness.

Each and every day.

With all my heart, I hope people are listening.


Jenni said...

Well said. Thanks for posting, and thanks for going hoarse with your raised voice for diabetes awareness.

Shannon said...

I find it maddening as well when people don't listen.

Feel better, Sandra.

Donna said...

I hope people are listening, too & I hope you feel better soon.

Scott said...

I certainly empathize with your sentiments! Thanks for a great post.

Sandra Miller said...


Thanks. :-)

Shannon & Donna-

I'm fine, really-- just too many ridiculously long nights of late.

But thanks. :-)


I know you do.

You've written countless posts that educate (in brilliant detail) key issues relevant to those living with Type 1.

So, hey-- thank you.

Nikki said...

Great post Sandra.

Ashley said...

I hear you! Thanks for posting. It amazes me too how no matter what you say to some people, they won't listen.

I've enjoyed reading your posts!

Albert said...

People are listening even when we don't hear from them.

At least I am... were you able to get my e-mail?

J said...

Thank you for being our voice it is nice to know with our voices and voices of the ones that love us maybe one day we will be heard ... your son is lucky to have you .. thanks for keeping me on you list too and checking in

Anonymous said...

As a mom of a 5 year old diabetic girl, I understand. We have been dealing with this stupid disease since she was 20 months old and it never seems to get any easier. Reading your blog brought tears to my eyes, I've been there many, many times.

jj said...

Type I diabetes truly is over-looked far too much.

Hope you're doing better!

Bob Hawkinson said...

I am glad you give a voice to the issue that is often overlooked. Thanks for posting.

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