Monday, February 11, 2008

Last Week

Evan was sick.


She had the awful, fever-inducing, hacking-cough virus that's been spreading amongst the pre-school set like wildfire.

Poor kid stayed home all week.

Thus, so did I.


I must say it was a bit too quiet around here (except for all the coughing and nose-blowing, that is) until Wednesday -- when a blizzard pounded our city, dropping an ungodly amount of snow:

Mid-afternoon Wednesday-- the view looking up the street from my front window.

Late in the day, my next door neighbor shovels while the snow keeps coming...

Now, along with all that blowing and drifting snow came something else.

Something quite wonderful.

"It's a SNOW DAY!" Joseph shouted, leaping in the air upon hearing the news at 6 AM Wednesday morning.


A momentary pause.

A tilt of the head.

A smile.

And then:

"I'm goin' back to bed."

Funny how priorities change when you're in middle school.

But then, it's also funny how some things haven't changed at all:

My well-rested son puts the finishing touches on the fort's interior.

Joseph and his trusty assistant enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Even Tim couldn't resist the lure of a snow-day fort.

The four of us spent the rest of that morning and a good part of the afternoon lying inside the fort reading books by the likes of Patricia Polacco and Dick King-Smith.

Later, making up some stories of our own.


Jillian said...

Sorry to hear Evan was sick, I hope it's cleared up by now. It looks like you had a very fun snow day though. We still haven't had one. I'm kind of over it now, I want spring/summer!

Donna said...

We're supposed to get our big snow tonight. So I brought home work to do from home tomorrrow. Fun!

Your family's fort looks like a lot more fun than that! I hope Evan is feeling better. Glad you & your family could spend some fun time together all warm & safe inside.

Sandra Miller said...



Evan is getting there-- though she can't seem to shake that dang cough.

And yes, I'm with you-- most definitely want spring.



You know, I'm really gonna miss it when Joseph doesn't want to make them anymore!

Jamie said...

I'm sorry Evan was sick again. Tis the season though, eh?

That fort looks awesome! The photo's made me want to crawl right inside there myself :) Looks like lots of fun!

Nicole P said...

I just love forts... Love. Them. Last Christmas, my six year old niece, ten year old nephew, and three year old nephew built a great fort in the bedroom at their house. It was grand. The building, the living in it for a full day, and the tearing it down... :D

Hope Evan feels better soon.

xo, N

Sandra Miller said...

Jamie & Nicole-

Evan is much better.

She's back to her old self-- and absolutely thrilled that she won't miss her pre-school class Valentine exchange.

She's got her eye on a few boys...

And Ladies, you are so right-- forts just totally rock. :-)