Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just What Are We Doing Over Here?

We're bonding, that's what.

After months of big brown-eyed-begging...

So many adorable photos...

And yes, my own longing for a feline friend...

We finally took the plunge.

His name?

Well, he was dubbed "Reno" at the shelter.

But we call him . . . Tim.

(aka "The Enchanter")

We brought him home late Saturday.

He'd been at the shelter for a month-- before that, living on the street as a stray.

The kids and I already love the heck out of him, and vice versa-- though I must say, Tim seems to have taken a particular shine to Ryan.

And since Ryan never had pets growing up-- I find this both ironic and more than a little amusing.

Ryan need only sit down with a book, and Tim will run to him, leap onto his lap and nestle there, purring so loud you can hear him across the room.

Too. Dang. Sweet.

Anyhow, there are other things to share-- this week's endo appointment, new developments on the girlfriend front, some funky blood sugars... to name a few. Hopefully, I can post on some of this by the weekend.

In the meantime, if you're checking in over the next few days, and suddenly can't access my blog-- no worries, I'm just making some (if all goes well) small changes to the site.

And let me tell you, trying to maintain the look and feel of this site while using the new Blogger layout tools has been one big ol' pain in the rear.

Wish me luck!


Rachel said...


yay kitty!!!

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Oh what a cute kittie. Even though I am partial to Skye....

Allison said...

Funky... God that's a good word to describe diabetes. Makes it sound almost cool!

That cat is adorable. I love how you chose a human name. My cat's name is Emma.

Kerri. said...

Tim is a warm and solid looking kitty - perfect for hugging. :) Congrats on your addition to the family!

Be warned, though - sometimes they sleep on your head. Trust me, I know from experience. ;)

julia said...

Oh, he's lovely! Beautiful eyes. That colouring is called Mackerel Tabby, in case you're interested (and even if you're not!) I used to have a cat like that.

art-sweet said...

I keep trying to convince Pili that we need to add a grey tabby to our cat community. So far she hasn't yielded...

What a cutie he is!

Minnesota Nice said...

Lots of kitty people in the OC. I love seeing and hearing about pets!

George said...

HOORAY! Another Kitty! That's it, i am "revisiting" adding a kitty to the family. I mean, sure my wife is allergic but she can take pills for it right? Oh I want a kitty sooooo bad now!

Anyhow, Congrats on Emma!!!

Nicole P said...

I LOVE that you have a shelter kitty. I have one of those myself (Ms. Rosa Parks - also known as Rosie) - and they are the BEST, most LOVING animals, I think.

He's so cute - and so lucky to have made his way to a home filled with love!

I look forward to seeing your posts - I've got to get off my lazy post and put some up at my site... Maybe you'll inspire me to. :)

Sandra Miller said...


Ditto. :-)


Thanks-- we think so, too. :-)

(And I can see why you're partial to Skye-- he looks like a sweet boy.)


Referring to out-of-range sugars as "funky" (rather than say, scary or bad) seems to make the whole thing a little less daunting...

(Love the name Emma, btw :-)


Tim is indeed a solid kitty-- who has already made it clear that he doesn't like sleeping alone.

He's been rotating between our bed and -- much to my son's delight -- Joseph's since his arrival.


A Mackerel Tabby, eh?

Years ago, I had a cat with the same coloring (had her for 19 years!). Never knew she was that kind of tabby... cool.


That grey tabby might have to wait til you all settle in with your other new addition...


Me, too. :-)


Go for it!

It's been a while since I had a cat... didn't realize how much I missed having one til we got this guy.


Yeah, I'm a sucker for those shelter kitties-- thinking of them in those little cages just kills me. This boy just loves being in a real home!

(Btw, I think "Miss Rosa Parks" is a fabulous name!)

And hey, my posting lately hasn't been all that frequent, so don't be so hard on yourself...

That said, I'd love to read anything you care to write.

But no pressure. :-)

Penny said...

Tim is just adorable!!

Jess Riley said...

Aw, Tim is adorable! And I look forward to the updates on the blog. (I'm in dire need of updates to my template.)

Anne said...

I think Tim is a wonderful name for him, from the pics it seems to fit quite well!

We have two kitties named Meggie and Mickey. I'm leaning towards Sam or Imme when I get a dog. Something about giving them people names just seems to make sense.

Shannon said...

A cat named Tim...that's funny.

Let us know if he can detect lows. It seems like so many OC cats can do that.

Sandra Miller said...


That's exactly what I'm hoping he'll do...

thethinker said...

He looks absolutely adorable. You're lucky to have him.

type1emt said...

Very cute cat..I don't have any(my landlady doesn't allow them) but it's great that Tim's finally found a good home. Just don't turn into a cat lady, and adopt half the shelter.(it does happen, apparently, I know several individuals who have like 15 cats..)