Friday, January 05, 2007

Sometimes It’s Really Hard To Say "Thanks"

I sit down and begin typing the acceptance note:

Thanks to everyone who voted for A Shot in the Dark.

Hmmm... I'm so dang flattered... don't know what to say.

“Mom. Mom," Evan calls, grabbing hold of my left leg.

"Look what I did... Dad’s work card is inside of here.”

She hands me an envelope containing Ryan’s pay stub-- now covered with drawings of little stick people.

“Okay, Honey– I just need to write this one thing.”

I turn my attention again to the unfinished email.

Man, this is such an honor, and Joseph is so proud... should I just say that?

“But Mama... Mama... ” Evan continues, now scrambling onto my lap. “Can I work on the computer, too?”

She moves her fingers over some keys, the mouse...

"Honey, I just have to write one more– "

Oh no.

At first, I simply stare at the screen.

It takes a moment for the words -- "Message Sent" -- to register.

Then I shake my head, letting go a small laugh.

Alrighty then.

"Come on, little one," I say, as I lift my girl off of my lap and carry her upstairs--where Joseph (reluctantly) agrees to play with her while I return to the laptop and quickly draft a second message:


I was just starting to type a formal thank you, when Evan climbed on my lap and started pressing keys and playing with my mouse.

Guess which button she managed to hit?

That would be "send."

I'll get you something for real a bit later. :-)


Soon after, I receive this response:

Oh that's funny. I think I should put that up... Just kidding. :-) Look forward to it later.


I kind of liked Allison’s idea.

And seriously-- Thank you.


George said...

Congrats Sandra! A very well deserved award!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Ha! That is funny!!

Thank you for your ever so kind comments over at my place.

Your entertaining stories about things are always a real pleasure to read, and I was glad to see that you won the award.

Very well deserved as well.

In Search Of Balance said...

Congratulations, many times over. Well deserved! :)

Kassie said...


My Ryan (4) is always trying to "make a message" on my computer as well :)

Lyrehca said...


mel said...


Rachel said...



Carey said...


Kerri. said...

Congratulations, Sandra. Very, very well deserved.

Julia said...

Congratulations, Sandra!

Nic said...

Not to sound like a broken record...but Congratulations! You are a fabulous writer and do a wonderful job of conveying the ins-and-outs of parenting.

Minnesota Nice said...

Way cool, Sandra.
Congratulations and best wishes for a great year ahead for you, Joseph, Evan, Ryan and all of us!!! (Yes, I see it happening.)

Bernard said...

Happy New Year and congrats Sandra

I look forward to more great blogging in 2007.

ECR said...

Congratulations! You have a wonderful way of conveying your message through this blog. It sounds like your daughter is getting ready to follow in your footsteps :)

Penny said...

Congratulations, Sandra. You definatly deserve it. Even though we were in the same category, I voted for you. We were supposed to vote for who we thought was the best, so I did.

Again, congrats!

Shannon said...

Congratulations!! I knew you'd win. You always have such eloquent posts that any new parent of a child with diabetes coming into the OC should read....

Jamie said...

Congrats Sandra! You deserve it - I love your writing :)

Thanks for commenting on my site too - it's great to connect with other Mom's and Dad's of kids with Type 1.

Keep on blogging!