Monday, July 02, 2007

A Birth and... Spontaneous Combustion?

Feast your eyes on young Jonathan Bryce:

My brand spankin' new nephew.

Very soon, I'll get to hold this little guy.

And I can not wait.

We leave for Massachusetts in just a couple of weeks-- fingers crossed, our van will get us there without incident.

And why the the need for crossed fingers?

Because yesterday we had an incident.

A beautiful, sunny afternoon-- Joseph and I are sitting in front of the house talking baseball when we hear a sudden, muffled "BOOF!"

We look at each other, eyes wide, then turn toward the driveway.

"Oh. My. God." I say, while slowly walking around our '95 Odyssey.

There's a little glass on the ground beneath the window, but no glass -- and no object that could have broken the thing -- inside the van.

What the heck?

I look up and down our quiet, empty street-- then back at the damage.

"Mom, what happened?" Joseph asks, sounding a little scared.

"I have no idea."

But when I call the folks at our insurance company, they do.

"Spontaneous combustion,"" the rep tells me. "It happens. Air builds up in a vehicle, combines with the heat, and literally blows out a window."

Wild stuff.

Just glad it didn't happen during our road trip.


Judy said...

That was a fairly common phenomenon in SE NC where I grew up. It happened most commonly on July and August afternoons at the many local beaches. People would roll their windows up tight in case of afternoon thunder showers, not realizing that the air pressure drops very rapidly just in advance of the storm. The cars would have been dryer if they'd left the windows open.

Shannon said...

Whew, for a minute I thought this post was going to be about a woman who spontaneously combusted while giving birth.

Congrats on becoming an Aunt.

And I've never heard of windows blowing out like that. That's wild.

Bernard said...

Those are GREAT PICTURES. What a cute looking boy.

When are you going to be in Massachusetts? And where? Want to have a quick d-blogger get-together? And it's OK to say no, cause you'll probably be really busy.

I can't remember, are you on Maybe we can connect via there.

That's scary about the window. Thanks for the heads-up, though I'm not sure it would get hot enough here that often.

Sandra Miller said...


This would have made more sense to me had it been really hot.

But the temp was only in the low 80s when it happened.



I'd never heard of this either. Just got off the phone with an auto glass shop-- apparently this happens a lot.

Go figure.


I am SO late to the TuDiabetes party-- just found out about this thing over the weekend!

(Gives you an idea of how behind I am on reading everyone's blogs :-)

I would LOVE to meet up with some d-bloggers while we're out east-- I'll get set up on TuDiabetes this week so we can try to coordinate something there.

Megan said...

Awww....that little baby is sooooo cute!

Scary on the spontaneous combustion. Never heard of it! Thank God everyone is safe!

Allison said...

Wait, when exactly will you be driving to MA and is there any possible chance of you driving through NJ/southern NY?

Hint. Hint.

Kerri. said...

What a cute little baby boy! He's beautiful. Congrats!

Chris and I will be home in RI pretty often over the next few weeks - give me a call if you're going to be in the area! :)

Sandra Miller said...


It'd be awesome if we could meet up with you-- unfortunately, so far, we're planning to go either the WI/IL/IN/OH/Upstate NY route or the WI/IL/IN/MI/Canadian route.

I'll let you know if things change and we end up further south.


The town we'll be staying in is not all that far from RI... I'll give you a call.

Nicole P said...

Sandra -

Oh, he's gorgeous.

So weird about the car window.

If you're in the area... Please, please, please call. Email for my cell # - I got one because Kerri said I HAD to...

Hope all else is well.

Sandra Miller said...


All else is indeed well.

And you will most definitely be called.

Elizabeth said...

If you are driving through Ohio, we would love to see you. Even if only briefly.

Beautiful baby. Congratulations to your family!

Major Bedhead said...

Awwwwwww, he's so CUTE! I love how serious newborns are - it's hysterical. Very Churchillian.

Can I be included in the MA meetup? Purlease?

Sandra Miller said...


We'll probably be going through the Cleveland area-- email me and let's see if we can arrange a meeting.


"Churchillian." I love it. :-)

And yes, you absolutely will be included in any MA meet up.

art-sweet said...

You're driving through upstate NY? You do realize that I live essentially on I-90 in said state.

Sandra Miller said...

Okay, Lady-- I did not realize this.

Let's talk.

George said...

congrats! what a cutie pie!

BTW I am totally freaked out on the window thing.

Scott K. Johnson said...

And how about a detour through Minnesota while you're "out'n'about"? It's kind of on your way, right?

LOL!! Kidding! Just thought it was funny how many OC'ers you might see on your way out there! I didn't want to get left out of the "request" queue. :-)

Sandra Miller said...


Wish we could manage that detour-- Joseph would love to meet you. :-)

Lyrehca said...

Beautiful boy--congrats!

And I'm out of the blogging loop, but still a Bay Stater. Would love to hear about any Mass. OC meetup.

Chris said...

I try to use that spontanious combustion excuse myelf all of the time. But instead no one believes me and my face goes red as i hang my head in shame.
Bummer (no pun intended) though about your window.