Thursday, November 16, 2006

The News

I tried to post this earlier, but Blogger was down...

He's fine.

Though I didn't find that out until 4:30 this afternoon-- seems his doctor was "in clinic and swamped all day today."

(Doctors never call you first thing-- it must be some unwritten rule.)

Anyhow, while anxiously awaiting his call, I decide to take the kids to see a movie.

It's the only way I can think of to stay away from the computer-- and to stop trying to will the telephone to ring.

Also -- because Joseph has the day off from school, and none of his friends are around -- I realize I have to get a grip. A distraction for me, and something fun for the kids is definitely in order.

Soooo, I take them to a matinee-- to see Flushed Away.

(Ignoring, of course, the turn-off-your-cell-phone request.)

Thus, at 1:30 this afternoon -- with popcorn, a diet soda, a box of Sno Caps and a (smuggled) reasonably-sized bag of M&Ms in hand -- Joseph, Evan and I take our seats in a nearby movie theater.

I'm doling out Sno Caps to Evan when the commercials begin-- it still irks me that they show these before the previews.

Anyhow, in mid pour I look up to see a close up of Jennifer Aniston wearing a serious expression, telling viewers of someone who "noticed a lump on her child's back." Quick cut to Robin Williams saying something about a child with severe headaches.

I know what's coming.

And there she is-- Marlo Thomas, talking about St. Jude Hospital.

About cancerous tumors.

You've got to be kidding me.

Immediately, I turn to Joseph. His eyes are opened wide and glued to the screen; his mouth, slightly open.

"Honey, I know what you're thinking. That's not the kind of tumor the doctor was talking about. Remember, your doctor said a benign tumor. That means not cancerous-- and that's not even what he thinks is going on. You have a slipped rib--nothing else."

I say these things in a firm voice-- hoping he doesn't detect even a trace of concern.

"Oh," he says, "Yeah, you're right."

Finally, the previews come on-- we talk about the ones the three of us want to see. And then watch the movie . . .

I struggle (unsuccessfully) to relax.

When we return home -- my nerves frayed -- I immediately phone his doctor's office.

An hour later, Dr. E returns my call, telling me that "Joseph's x-ray looked normal-- his rib bones looked just fine."

"Would a mass show up on the x-ray?" I ask.

"No, it wouldn't, but there was no evidence of any deterioration in the bones-- something we'd typically see if there was any sort of abnormal growth. Joseph is presenting, however, with the classic symptoms of slipped rib syndrome."

"Will this just resolve on its own?"

"It may. But there are adults who have this syndrome. They usually discover it because they feel pain when one rib rubs over another."


"But once they know why they're experiencing pain, they're far less concerned about it. This is really a quite benign condition."

Thank. God.

So while I'm not pleased that Joseph has yet another thing-- a potentially painful thing -- I'm relieved that he's okay.


gina said...

phew... i am relieved as well. did you like the movie at least?

Sandra Miller said...


The movie was fine, though I think I would have enjoyed it more had the circumstances been a bit less stressful. :-)

Vivian said...

I have been checking your blog all day waiting for the results. I am so happy for your family that it is going to be ok. Another prayer answered. Enjoy your evening.

George said...

I am so glad!

Chris said...

Your family is so resilliant. You all compliment each other so well. I'm happy Joseph is fine and your nerves (ihope) have subsided.

Kerri said...

I'm glad you guys are okay. What a scary experience!

Penny said...

I'm relieved that he's OK too, Sandra. It's wierd that they would show that preview/commercial in the theater while you're sitting there waiting for results of your sons "lump", just wierd.

Carey said...

Thank goodness!

Taocat said...

I am so thankful Sandra that he is ok.
I have been thinking about you and your precious family a lot lately.

nicolep said...

FYI - Sandra, I have a slipped rib - also called a floating rib - I'm fine. I'm rarely in pain over it. If you want more info just let me know. How stressful. I'm sorry I haven't been checking in more over these last few days.

When Bob and I first felt the "growth" we both though the worst. We now refer to it as the nub or the extra rib...

Sandra Miller said...

Thanks, everyone.


I thought the timing of the commercial was weird, too.

Sitting in that theater, I actually feared the worst-- that the universe might be trying to tell me something really, really bad.

So happy it turned out to be an unfortunate coincidence. Nothing more.


And Nicole-

Thank you. You have no idea how much better your comment makes me feel...

I rather like the idea of viewing this as simply another thing you and my son have in common.

type1emt said...

Glad that things turned out ok. Who knew that movie theaters could be just as/more stressful then the internet!!!

Jamie said...

I'm glad everything is ok Sandra. Crazy how that commercial came on though at the movies - ugh!

MileMasterSarah said...

Well, I have to say that out of all the "other things" that he could have, this one isn't so bad!

Jess Riley said...

I'm so sorry you had to worry, but relieved that it was benign.

Hope you and the family have a happy Thanksgiving (ps: my mom bought the cookbook you linked to at one of my recent posts! Can't wait to check out the dishes.)

Rachel said...

Bloglines hasn't been providing updates for your blog for me, it seems.

Ugh, how scary!

Glad all is OK now.

Bernard said...


Somehow I missed this update. I've been praying for Joseph and for all of you since I first heard.

I'll say thanks to God now for answered prayers. I hope Joseph ribs feel better real soon.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Shannon said...

It's good to see it was that pesky rib afterall. Kids' bodies are full of gems, aren't they?

julia said...

How did I miss this? All your posts just showed up on bloglines today.

Anyway, whew! I'm very glad, even if I am days late.

art-sweet said...

Oh thank g-d.