Monday, November 06, 2006

Five Facts

Yikes! Ryan Bruner tagged me last week, and I'm just now getting to this. (We had a really busy weekend over here)

So here's the scoop-- I must reveal five relatively unknown facts about myself, and then tag five other people.

Here you go:

  • During a parent-teacher conference, my first grade teacher told my mom that I "walked with too heavy a foot" -- that apparently, I made an awful racket whenever I took my seat in class. This, despite the fact that I was the smallest kid in my class.
  • I'm a longtime fan of martial arts films -- I've owned a collection of Bruce Lee movies for over 20 years; saw Jackie Chan films at an art house theater in Chicago years before they were dubbed and in wide release; and -- even though Bruce Lee had been passed over in favor of David Carradine -- was crazy about the series, Kung Fu. (Yet I've never, ever taken karate. Go figure.)
  • Though I'm right handed, I cannot snap the fingers of my right hand. At. All. Nor can I "drum" those fingers in any sort of coordinated fashion. However, those fingers on the left can do both beautifully.
  • The only fist fight I've ever been in (outside of those with siblings) was when I was ten, and it was over a stray cat. She was beautiful-- white with large black spots that made her look very much like a little cow. I'd found her, named her (Spot) and was caring for her, when the girl who lived next door decided she wanted to take the cat for herself. A scuffle ensued, ending quickly when I slugged her in the stomach.
  • In the 26 years I lived in New England, I never ate fish-- just couldn't stand the smell. Shortly after moving to the midwest, I acquired a taste for seafood-- beginning with the raw variety (sushi is still a favorite).
And since I'm so late on this, if you haven't been tagged already and would like to be, consider yourself tagged!


Minnesota Nice said...

Sandra, this is sort of freaky, but one of my five (which I posted over the weekend) was that I have all three years of "Kung Fu" on dvd. I could watch them over and over again - great pearls of wisdom with little grasshopper. I never could figure out why Kwai Chang was such a chick magnet, as he always looked somewhat ratty, but I guess it was the sense of mystery that he projected.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Hmmm, let's see.

- Stomping around the classroom
- Martial Arts fan
- beating people up over kitties

I think I'm kind of scared of you! Just kidding! Couldn't resist!

I don't know why, but I've never realized that we are state-neighbors. If you all ever get over in the Minnesota area, or if me and/or my family are in the Wisconsin area, I would LOVE to get a chance to sit down and chat with Joseph over a game of chess.

Johnboy said...

OK, I admit it...I have the ENTIRE Brue Lee collection...hahaha

art-sweet said...

Who won the cat?

Sandra Miller said...


Oh. My. God. Where did you get them? I must have them. LOL!

Ryan and I have often called Joseph grasshopper-- hoping one day to illustrate the reference by watching the show with him.

And I agree with you about Kwai Chang-- but you know, I kind of had a crush on him myself. ;-)


LOL! Now that you mention it, this does make me sound kind of tough. :-)

If we're ever up your way, we will definitely give you the heads up. Please do the same if you and/or you and your family plan a trip to Wisconsin. I'd love to meet you, and I know that Joseph would be thrilled to sit down to a game of chess and a chat.

He's read a number of your comments and posts, and thinks you're a "cool dude."


LOL! Me, too.


I did.

And it was most satisfying. :-)

Minnesota Nice said...

You can get the dvd's on Amazon - either individually by year, or in the deluxe 3 year set. The first year has the pilot episode, which is really great, plus has a special feature where David Carradine talks about how the show came to be.

julia said...

Next time you're in MA, let me know - maybe we could meet up for coffee or something.

Kung fu is one of those things, much like the Three Stooges, that I just don't get.

Sandra Miller said...


Thanks. I haven't seen the show since I was a kid. I'll definitely visit Amazon...


I'd love to do coffee with you. Maybe some dark chocolate, too? :-)

Oh, and no-no-no-no. Please don't say Kung Fu is like the The Three Stooges.

Seriously, woman. Kung Fu is nothing like those buggers.

Anonymous said...

I'm just sort of giggling about the fish thing -- cuz you know -- Wisconsin SUSHI is FAMOUS. Heh.

(Not that I would care - I even eat grocery store sushi I like it that much.)

Kerri. said...

I have never seen a Kung Fu film, but my brother did a cable access show for a year called "What The...?" and my grandmother stared in a bit called "Grambo." She played a wiley old woman who stormed a camp of ninjas and defeated them using chopsticks and a frying pan.

That and I'm glad you fought for the cat. The original "cat fight."