Monday, May 01, 2006

Still Here

Sorry for the long gap between posts, but it's been really busy over here... to give you an idea:

I've been outside. A lot.

Marveling at my spring blooms...

So mostly, a whole bunch of weeding, mulching, and just playing outside with the kids-- which, quite frankly, has been very good for all of us.

Now, when I have been inside, I've wanted to blog.


But Evan has kept me busy...

Who could resist playing with all of those Polly Pockets when she's set them out so nicely?

And, of course, Bat Wing Girl (complete with light saber) refuses to go on any mission without her sidekick, Super Girl (that would be me) and a host of villains (again, me).

Thus, the blog has suffered... and well, so has the house (with all this spring fever and pretend play going on, there hasn't been a whole lot of cleaning happening either).

Now, I realize I haven't written much in this post. And man, there really is a lot to write-- especially about Joseph ( i.e., a really scary incident at school -- don't worry, he's okay-- and his upcoming adventure as a representative for the ADA and diabetes at the Tour de Cure).

Rain is in the forecast for a good deal of this week, so maybe I'll have time to share.

Unless of course, I'm too busy trying to save/take over the world.


David said...

Elizabeth and I are deeply involved with our six week old puppy. There's no shame in spending these perfect days with loved ones! It's nice to hear you're still alive and well, though. :)

Johnboy said...

Hey, Sandra. Thanks for popping in. I always enjoy your photos. Enjoy the Spring! :)

Shannon said...

We have rain all week too in the forecast.

I know what you mean about being busy! All of my best work is done after everyone has gone to bed. Otherwise the house is a fiasco if I try to write.

Laura said...

Your kids are so darn cute! Those polly pockets, I have an entire collection of those little things. Having fun with those kids, priority number one, but glad you popped in!!!

Sandra Miller said...


By the time the kids are in bed, I am usually so wiped I can barely think straight.

Really wish I could write then, though-- it's the only time the house is truly quiet. Instead, I get these small windows during the day, and just try to pounce when I realize they're open (and hope that when they are, I've got something to say :-)

Penny said...

Sandra, It sounds like you've got your priorities straight. I'm glad you've been enjoying yourself. Happy spring to you!!!

julia said...

Do a Pinky and The Brain and take over the world. Much more fun than trying to save it.

It sounds like you're having fun. The flowers and the kids are gorgeous.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Great pictures!

As I've said to others before - that's the thing about blogging! It's there when you can write, and we'll not hold you to any deadlines - just whenever you can and the mood strikes! Your faithful readers will always enjoy whatever you have a chance to share with us.


Penny said...

PS. I love the pink boots!

Jenifer said...

Your garden looks awsome

Nicole P said...

Very much looking forward to your next entry. Glad Joseph is alright and that we've got Evan out there protecting us all. How exciting about the Tour -- is he the Youth Ambassador?

Violet said...

Sandra, I want your life.

Not in a creepy, Single White Female kinda way, don't worry.

But still. I want to play Polly Pockets and Bat Wing Girl with a small brilliant person who just happens to be my kid.

It's sort of like when I wanted to have a kid so she could marry Joseph, remember? Same spirit. Good stuff you have goin on there, ma'am.

Sandra Miller said...

Violet, so good to hear from you-- and thank you (I think so, too).

And Nicole,

Yes, indeed-- Joseph is going to be the Youth Ambassador at the Tour.

Man, I really need to sit down and fill you all in on this...