Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Joseph has a fever of 101.3. The "evil virus" has indeed struck yet again.

Earlier tonight Joseph was fine. No signs of illness. We actually went to an open house at his school. I got to read a report he'd written about the snowy owl, see the progress he's made in math (he's a bit of a wiz, you know), and view his "timeline of life events" hanging on his classroom wall. Joseph's timeline included the day he was diagnosed with diabetes-- he illustrated this entry with a drawing of a syringe, a lancet, test strips, and a meter.

I was sad that this was the last entry. It made sense, of course. His diagnosis was probably the most recent major life event for him. But I still didn't like to see it there, like a period at the end of a sentence.

Oh well, I'm just feeling kind of moody tonight. Sort of bracing myself for the next few nights and days of more frequent sugar checks, thinking hard about insulin adjustments, and just plain worrying even more than usual.

And Evan is still sick. Her fever finally broke last night, but her nose is running thick.

Blah blah blah blah... complain complain.

Feels like I'm just sitting here in my pity pool inviting y'all to join me. I better stop now before I drown in it.


Kerri. said...

Good luck with the sick crew. And watch out for ketones ... those little buggers are sneaky.

As far as having a pity party goes, you're entitled. Don't you have a house full of sick little ones? That's exhausting to even think about. Give youself a little credit!

... and if your pity party includes delicious cake and Hood Ice Cream cups, I'm in.

Kerri. said...

I meant to type "yourself" instead of "youself." The latter sounds silly.

Laura said...

hope Joseph feels better real soon

p.s . I am Laura and I have had Diabetes since Feb of 1995 . I am now on the Minimed 508 pump since 2002

Violet said...

Awwww man, stupid virus. Hope your brood mends quickly. Well, it sounds too late for quickly in Evan's case. Hope they just plain mend.

It's my opinion that now and then you gotta have the pity party. Not the conventional American way, I know. We're supposed to smile a lot and wave little tiny flags and eat picnic foods during times of adversity. But the denial of emotion contributes to all kinds of woes, I think. A blog seems like a good place to vent.

One of the tangential (to diabetes) things I most enjoy about the things you write is that you have this way of zeroing in on the stuff I look forward to so much about being a parent. Not "going to the open house" per se, but the feelings, sweet & bittersweet, you took from seeing what Joseph does at school. Similar moment: bubble gum observations at Little League. Hmm, I am not nailing this on the head. It has to do with seeing the person that he is, with how you appreciate that. It's neato.

Sandra Miller said...

Ladies, thanks for the kind words.

Kerri, you wouldn't be referring to a "Hoodsie" in your comment, now would you? Now THAT'S a blast from the past. We don't have them out here in the midwest--- though they were somewhat of a staple of my youth. Thanks for conjuring that wonderful memory.

Laura, welcome. Looks like you you've been dealing with this a lot longer than we have. Glad to hear you're pumping!

And Violet, as always, you make me feel so good about participating in this wonderful blogging community. I'm glad you are able to see something of my son, and our relationship in this blog. It's hard to know if that gets across as I write about what often seems like the daily minutiae.