Monday, November 14, 2011

World Diabetes Day and the Big Blue Test 2011

Okay, so when I reminded the kids this weekend that Monday was World Diabetes Day, they totally wanted to do something in honor of the day.

(Pretty cool, yes?)

So of course we opted to do the Big Blue Test.


Because each and every time any one of us does the Big Blue Test and submits our results, we help raise $75,000 for organizations out there helping people with diabetes.

C'mon folks. It's easy.

(And if you can do it with someone you love, it's even easier.)


Anonymous said...

Yay! Terrific video. I wondered how Joseph was doing. I'm glad to see that he and your little girl look happy, healthy and strong. They are both so adorable. Happy World Diabetes Day!

Colleen said...

I've missed them sooooo much.
Good grief, Joseph is a handsome young man.
And Evan - such a pretty young lady.
Loved seeing their smiles and enthusiasm.
Miss you, too!

Bruce said...

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gina said...

We can always count on the millers to make us happy!

Sandra Miller said...

Anon -

Thanks. And a belated Happy World Diabetes Day to you!

Oh, Colleen -

I've missed you, too... and everyone else in the DOC. Between the job and family, I never seem to find that quiet time to sit down and blog.

Hoping that will change soon.

Bruce - Thanks!

Gina -


Right back atcha!

Scott S said...

Sandra, It's nice to commemorate WDD with Big Blue Test, and even nicer to see you back to blogging, even if its only once and a while to say hello!

Bernard said...

Sandra, your kids are growing so much. It's great to see them both active and healthy. Best wishes for the holidays, I'll be spending Christmas at home, taking a long week off.

Have a wonderful 2012!

Signs of diabetes said...

Congrats! You have a gorgeous son!
I liked that you and your son celebrate the WDD.

diabetes said...

Thanks for sharing the video. Great to hear they look happy and amazing. Wishing them good health.

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Unknown said...

You guys have been so inspirational to me and my Joeseph!

Innovo said...

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Anna said...

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Joyce said...

Hi, Sandra good job! Thanks for sharing the information with us!