Thursday, July 29, 2010

Seriously, it's been mostly good

After writing my last post, I felt a whole heck of lot better. I needed to talk about what happened that day-- and wanted anyone reading to be aware of how quickly ketones can get out of control.

And to be prepared if they do.

Well, this post illustrates the flip side-- our norm this summer (vs the craziness of last Tuesday).

A summer filled with drama (the stage variety, that is), swimming, and baseball.

Oh so very much baseball.

While Evan was busy discovering her inner Sarah Bernhardt, Joseph came into his own at the plate, batting over 300 in the regular season and making the All Star team yet again.

He's come a long way... remember this little guy.

This season Joseph continued to thrive on the mound, pitching in both regular season and All Star tournments, but also playing other positions-- including catcher (despite being a lefty!).

And diabetes?

Well, it dished out plenty of highs and lows-- but mostly, it stayed out of Joseph's way.

Soooo, here now is a 3 minute taste of it all...



Rachel said...

Evan is going to be such a drama queen...;)

But looks like you have TWO baseball/softball stars on your hands, too!

Carol said...

Love this, Sandra. Your children are beautiful. Joseph is so big now!! Thank you for showing us that diabetes can't stop our kids from doing anything!

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

Wonderful. Baseball and swimming - sounds like you are talking about us! It's so encouraging to hear that D doesn't get in the way (too much at least).

Pam said...

I love it. Just seeing kids being kids. I got a little teary just watching how happy and active both your kids are. What a great summer!

Jillian said...

Glad you are having a baseball & (good) drama filled summer :) Joseph and Evan are both growing up so fast! I hope you all enjoy the rest of these beautiful summer days.

phonelady said...

Im so happy that your son and daughter are doing so well and having a great summer . Yep hard to believe that we were once that little too . LOL !!!

Molly said...

What a great 3 minutes! :-)

You know what I get from watching that? Your kids are happy. (I'm sure not all the time) But they are solid in who they are. Confident. Makes me smile.

Kudos to you for giving them that gift.

Hallie said...

I just LOVE summer! The kids look like they are having a great time and I'm so glad that D isn't holding you or Joseph back. I'm also really glad that the ketones are GONE and he's feeling better! Ketones ARE scary things... and bent cannulas... ugh.

Nicole P said...

Your last post was scary, but I was so happy at the ending. Those are my only favorites, the happy endings. I missed you! :)

Evan is gorgeous. And Joseph is growing so much.

Let me know if you're going to be up my way at all. Would love to see you.


Sandra Miller said...

Rachel -

She already is... ;)

And yes, we do indeed have two ballplayers on our hands (didn't want to mention Evan's prowess in the post, thought it'd fun to let you all see for yourselves. :-)

Carol -

Thank you for the kind words.

Lorraine -

Baseball and swimming - two of my favorite things about summer! :-)

Pam -

Yes, it has been a great summer! And he hasn't even gone to diabetes camp yet (we bring him up this weekend).

Jillian -

Thanks -- I hope you have a lovely rest of the summer, too.

phonelady -

Indeed. :-)

Molly -


And you're right -- they do have their unhappy moments.

But I have to agree, they're both most definitely "solid in who they are."

Hallie -

Thanks -- and yes, I love summer too!

(Though sometimes I wish it was a little less busy.)

Nicole -

The kids and I are coming out East in two weeks and I would LOVE to see you.

Maybe another PawSox game???

Reyna said...

GREAT VIDEO!!! Joseph is sooo TALL! I am in inspire me to keep raising my Joe with the mindset that "d" will not slow him down. He is into hockey.

Thank YOU!!!

Bernard Farrell said...

Sandra, thanks for the great video. Wow, your kids are sprouting. Looks like they're having a great summer. Joseph's clearly a good all round baseball player.

Nicole P said...

Sandra -

Yes, yes, yes!

My # 401-441-8170. Please let me know when you'll be here.

I would LOVE to see you all.


Penny said...

Hey, Sandra. It is so nice to hear from you again and to see how awesome your summer has been.

Your last post had me at the verge of tears (much like many of your former posts). It just goes to show that you can NEVER get comfortable with this disease. Just when you think you've seen it all...

So glad that Joseph is OK. You did a great job with him as always.

Enjoy what's left of the summer!!

silver jewellery said...

What a wonderful video. Children grow up far to young these days, it's good to see them enjoying simple outdoor activities and to see that diabeties doesn't stop you doing what you want to do. Things like this help to restore my faith.

Anonymous said...

Have not heard from you in awhile. Tell us how your babies are and, most importantly, how you are.

MedSurgRn said...

Loved the video. But, ready for some updates. How are things going?