Monday, March 22, 2010

In which we frighten one of Joseph's friends

"Mom, Liam doesn't think you like him."

"Bud, why would he think that? I don't even know him."

"Remember when you met him at the high school orientation night, when I was kidding with him and said, 'Dude, my mom doesn't like you'... well I think that's why."

Then Joseph's eyes take on a slightly evil glint. "Hey, I have an idea... since Liam's coming over after school tomorrow, why don't you act like you really don't like him? It'll be funny."

"I don't know, Bud... "

"C'mon, Mom-- it'll be funny."

So the next day, I'm heading up our block on the way to get Evan after school when I spot Joseph and Liam walking toward me.

"Hey Bud," I say, then turning to his friend, "Hello-- Liam," I spit out, before turning my head quickly away -- like I just smelled something really bad.

When I turn back toward the boys, Liam's blue eyes are huge; his face, drawn up in fear.

"Liam, hey.... I was just kidding."

Even though his expression melts into one full of relief, I immediately regret our little prank.

"Mom, don't worry," Joseph says, noting my concern, "I told him you were gonna do that when we saw you coming-- but you were really convincing. That was great!"

So we all have a good laugh before going our separate ways.

Fast forward to one week later -- the morning after Liam has his first sleepover at our house.

I come downstairs to the smell of fresh coffee, orange pancakes and bacon. Ryan is standing in the middle of the kitchen, spatula in hand, yuckin' it up with Joseph and Liam as both boys sit at the counter, ready for another round of pancakes.

"So Liam, how did you sleep?"

He looks up at me as if at a loss for words.

Then they all start laughing.

"What? What?"

"Okay, so I go in to check the boy last night," Ryan begins, "and remember how he sat up a few nights ago when I was checking him-- he wasn't awake, but he kept pulling away like he didn't know what I was doing?"

"Oh no," I say.

He smiles and continues.

"Well, last night I reach up to the top bunk, take Joseph's hand-- and he pulls it away. I try again, and he says, 'please... please... stop!' I finally grab hold of it a third time and tell him, 'Mister, I have to check you.' That's when he sits up and I see his face."

"It was Liam," I say.

Absolutely horrified.

Quickly I look down at the boys and (thank god) they're both laughing.

"Oh, Ryan-- how could you make that mistake?"

"I know," he says, shaking his head, "I just forgot the boy was in the bottom bunk."

Later, I ask Joseph if his friend was really okay.

"Mom, he's fine."

"And how do you feel? I mean, do you feel bad or embarrassed about what happened?"

"No, Mom. Not at all. Actually it gave us a funny story to tell... believe me, it's all good."

I'm glad they found it funny. But still, what Liam must have thought when Ryan came at him with that lancet...


phonelady said...

Are"nt boys fun ? ugh grr !!! my boys put me through the paces boy I know how you feel I once tested manny instead of Jackson and manny screamed in horror one night and I was like oops ! got the wrong kid LOL !! he tells all his friends about it now , LOL !!

Anonymous said...

This happened to us too! The kids thought it was a laugh riot, but I was mortified! Thanks for sharing, Sandra. I love your blog, btw.


Reyna said...

LOVE it!

I haven't had this one yet. My son, Joe, is 6 and has only had a friend sleep over a couple of times. I do however...even while the kids are awake...get into auto pilot mode and have almost accidentally checked my daughter.

I have loved your blog for years. I read it when Joe was first diagnosed, but couldn't figure out how to leave a comment...I wasn't too technically savvy back then. I remember the sledding post...when Joseph went low. I cried when reading your posts, because I could totally relate and it was a time that I felt so alone. Thank you for sharing through the years.

Val said...

Great story - and nice to hear from you again!

Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

Well, it could have been worse, you could have come after him with a syringe...BWAHAHAHAHA };-)

Anonymous said...

That is way to funny!!!


Taocat said...

Hi Sandra,

That WAS funny and I always think Steve and I are going to do that one of these days when all 4 of the granddaughters are sprawled out on the bed and onto the side cots!

Been thinking about you lately and hoping you are recovering FasT!

Hugs - - xoxoxoxoxo

Donna L

Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh my goodness!!! That cracked me up! C'mon - admit it! That is funny stuff!!!

Sandra Miller said...

phonelady & Karen -

Makes me feel so much better to know we're not the only ones to have done this!

Reyna -

Honestly, I'm surprised this hasn't happened before!

Thank you so much for the kind words about the blog -- and for continuing to read it over the years (despite my erratic posting).

Hallie -

Glad you enjoyed it. :-)

Val -

Thanks. Hoping to post a little more often, though hesitant to promise...

Kathy -

Ah yes, a syringe... now that would have been truly frightening.


Yes, indeed it was.

Donna -

So nice to hear from you, and thanks for the good thoughts.

Recovery is indeed moving along. I actually played basketball with Joseph yesterday on our driveway. (Late last summer I couldn't even bring my arm up to shoot a basket).


Hey, how is Kylee doing?

Scott -

Ya know, hate to admit it, but (once I got over the initial shock) I thought so, too. LOL!