Friday, January 25, 2008

The Long (Cold) Silence

For nearly three weeks, we've hunkered down.

First there was the thaw that transformed our local sled hills into slush hills-- and came darn close to leveling our backyard "luge."

Immediately following the thaw came a blast of arctic air-- bringing with it many days of brutal, sub-zero temperatures.

And more snow.

A lot more snow.

But sadly, it's been too dang cold to sled.

Too cold to do anything outside.

Except maybe shovel the now useless (as in "non-packing, no good for making snow forts, snow balls or snowmen") powder.

Oh, and it's snowing again-- right now, as I type.

So yes, we're still here-- shivering a good deal of the time, but here.

Hanging onto the weatherman's promise of double-digit temps this weekend...


Donna said...

Stay hunkered down & warm until all of this passes. Why does summer always seem to go by so quickly & winter just drags on and on and on? Not fair, is it? Hang in there!

Jillian said...

We have not yet had a snow day! I hope you're staying safe and warm with the family.

Shannon said...

We get powder snow 99.9% of the time it snows here which is great for skiing. The only problem is, we don't ski.

I can't wait for summer already.

Sandra Miller said...

Donna & Jillian-

Staying warm just got a whole lot easier-- the temp right now is a balmy 27.


Unfortunately, while we're supposed to see 40s (!) tomorrow, we'll be down into the teens by Wednesday (boo!).

Ah well...


I am counting the days. :-)

Bernard said...


Stay safe and warm.

I want you to know that your sledding video made me take the children sledding at a nearby hill recently. We had a lovely afternoon with lots of screaming and laughing. Great fun, even if I did bruise a rib on the last run I took!

Sandra Miller said...


I'm sorry to hear about the bruising-- but very pleased you and the kids got out on that hill... :-)

Oh, and I'm afraid that after a two-day respite, it's back to being bitterly cold here-- so "safe and warm" is exactly the goal right now.

Jamie said...

I'm glad you posted - was wondering where you were!

We don't have a whole lot of snow over here - but cold temps? Yeah, tons of those. We're in a nasty deep freeze right now. Hibernation is in order lol. Can't wait for summer, myself *sigh*.

Sandra Miller said...


You know, the longer I went without posting, the guiltier I felt for not having done it-- which made writing all the more daunting...

Anyhow, I'm hoping I can avoid another long absence.

(Oh yes, and I hear ya on the deep freeze... it's been so dang cold here that matter what I do lately, I can never seem to get the chill out.)