Sunday, December 16, 2007

Today She Is Five

And I simply cannot believe it.


Jillian said...

5 and very beautiful, happy belated birthday Evan!

Kerri. said...

She has the best face.

Happy Birthday, Evan!

Penny said...

Happy (late) birthday Evan.

She's beautiful Sandra.

Vivian said...

I am late to the party but Happy Birthday Evan!!! Wow, five is an important birthday, I hope it was the best yet.

Chris said...

She is absolutely gorgeous!
Happy Birthday.
Busy couple of weeks isn't it!

Nicole P said...


Happy Birthday, Evan!


Donna said...

She is adorable! What beautiful eyes! Happy 5th birthday, Evan!

Minnesota Nice said...

She has that undefinable "old-soul depth" to her face..................

Happy Birthday Evan.

Scott K. Johnson said...


art-sweet said...

Happy birthday beautiful girl!

Major Bedhead said...

Happy Birthday, Evan!

What a cute little pixie face on her.

Shannon said...

Happy belated birthday!

She looks like she knows something we don't know :)

Sandra Miller said...

Thanks, everyone-- Evan enjoyed hearing all of these birthday wishes.. :-)


Oh yes, a very busy two weeks!

(But you know what I'm talkin' about.)


You're one of a number of folks who've said she has the look of an "old soul."

I can see it.


Honestly, I think she does. :-)