Saturday, October 20, 2007

So Here's the Scoop

First- thanks.

To everyone who continues to come here -- even when I don't show up -- and to those of you who've commented or sent emails checking in.

We're all right.

I think.

Remember how, two posts back I mentioned that a ton was happening and that there were some things I couldn't talk about yet?

Well, I can now.

Ryan is changing jobs.

After teaching Java programming for over 10 years, he's burnt out -- has been for a while -- so much so that he wants to stop teaching altogether and return to software development.

As a result, he started looking-- and ended up interviewing for a development position with a very small (but growing) company.

He came home from that meeting more excited about work than I've seen him in a long time.

The people were great, the work sounded interesting-- and he could still ride his bike to the office (when it's not bitterly cold and snowy, that is).

Sounds perfect, right?

Well... almost.

You see, Ryan hasn't done software development for a very long time-- so in order for him to make this change, he has to take a pay cut.

A big pay cut.

And then there's the health insurance.

For a while, we were unsure whether or not Ryan could even consider this job-- the benefits had to cover Joseph's pump and supplies.

We could never afford them otherwise.

Thankfully, after much research -- and much, much hand-wringing -- we discovered that while we'll have a deductible (ouch!), our copay will be less than our current one. And this new provider covers both the Animas and Medtronic pumps (but sadly, not the Cozmo).

So far, the only bad news about this new insurance is that Lifescan is not on their formulary-- thus our fleet of OneTouch meters will be useless to us.

(Any information folks could share about other meters would be much appreciated!)

Oh yes, and I'm still on the edge of my seat wondering if our new insurance will cover our 400 test strips a month.

We won't find this out until Ryan starts the new job in mid-November.

Now, in addition to stressing out about all of this -- and trying not to let the kids see me stressing -- I've been thinking about my own career.

I haven't had a paying job since teaching birthing classes nearly eight years ago.

(Man, I wish this job change were happening next fall-- when Evan will be in kindergarten full days -- right now, she's only in preschool a few days a week for 2 1/2 hours.)

I don't know.

I have a few ideas, but nothing really solid yet.

And nothing -- so far -- that will allow me to work around the kid's schedules.

Soooo... that's the big news.

There's more to talk about-- Evan's recent obsession, Joseph's first middle school dance, the end of the Fall Ball season, those dang Red Sox-- not to mention my non-paying, but really cool recent project.

But, if I'm gonna post something at all, I'd better stop here.


Christine-Megan said...

How exciting Sandra! I hope it all works out.

When I got my Cozmo, my insurance stated that they only cover Minimed and Animas also. I was ready to order an Animas, but my Cozmo rep called me and said that while the insurance wouldn't directly cover a Cozmo, they would buy me one though a 3rd party vendor. So that may be an option if Joseph wants a Cozmo.

in search of balance said...

Wow, what a lot of big changes. However, it really sounds like it's for the best... and how fun that Ryan is so excited about his new job! Yay!

I wish all of you guys all the best...

Jillian said...

Welcome back! Good luck with all those changes. I can't wait to hear more about all of it!

Colleen said...

Welcome back - Congrats to Ryan!

Anne said...

I hope things work out for you. I'm in the middle of changing insurance too, and I know what a pain in the neck it is.

As far as other meters go... A couple of months back I got an Ascensia Contour from Bayer from my endo. (I lost my old meter somewhere in a move.) I got it to work once out of ten tries, and hated it. It looked like it was a good meter, or at least it would have been if it'd worked. It was such a pain that I ended up buying a meter (it had a good rebate).

The new one is a Freestyle, which is what my old one was - though a little different somehow - and I like it a lot better. It keeps track of everything I need it to, and it's a lot easier to use than the Contour. Only problem with it is that apparently it's not reading right. I had to go through more tests because my endo thought I was turning diabetic (I have a meter because I'm hypoglycemic). I kept getting readings that were at 170, so now endo isn't happy and wants me to get yet another meter. So I have to get in touch with the company to get yet another one. But hey, what's three meters in as many months?

Sorry this took so long, hope it helps a little.

Anonymous said...

I have four Contours. No coding, extremely accurate, no coding, super-repeatable measurements, no coding, 5sec per test, no coding, best vacuum-it-up sampling ever, and did I mention no coding?


Sandra Miller said...


Thanks for the info. The more options the better-- and since Joseph's pump warranty expires in just over a year, we'll be exploring every one.


I think it's for the best, too.

Jillian & Colleen-

Thanks. :-)


Yeah, the insurance change has my stomach in knots.

Thanks for sharing your experience with meters-- it does indeed help.

Quite frankly, I'm not looking forward to changing at all-- I'm just so dang attached to our OneTouch meters (esp. the Ultra Smart)...


No coding, you say?

Now that I like.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Oh, WOW, great news! So that is what has been keeping you quiet! Congrats!

Gianna said...


I've been reading your blog for a few months now...even went back and read the entire archive...and this post finally prompted me to comment: First of all, Congrats! It does sound, overall, like the new job is a good change. Second, I just wanted to say that your blog is really inspiring to me - I'm 25 years old, Type 1 diabetic for almost 10 years, married 2 years, and looking at, in the relatively near future, trying to attempt graduate school and then having kids. Reading about your struggles and triumphs with Joseph has made me realize - even more than I did before - how my own mother must have struggled to help me, even though I was in high school when I was diagnosed and she never had as much of the hands on responsibility that you have with Joseph. And, reading about your struggles and triumphs as a mom gives me some kind of hope that I'll also be able to handle being diabetic and having kids and all that that entails. So thank you for writing, and good luck as you embark on this new someone who hasn't yet faced the stay-at-home mom choice, I'll be curious to see what you decide to do...

Bernard said...

Wow, big changes. I hope the new job is everything he wanted and more. Did he think to ask for a review after 6 months? That way maybe he can get a raise without having to wait for a full year. It's worth asking for, there's a BIG shortage of qualified tech people -- at least in the northeast.

I received an AgaMatrix WaveSense meter to review some time ago. I like it so much, I've continued to use it as my backup meter. Maybe that would be covered. Though I'm almost shocked that Lifescan isn't on the formulary. I thought they were the preferred vendor for most insurers.

Best of luck with this new change.

Penny said...


First, congrats to Ryan.

Secondly, we love, love, love our Freestyle Flash. Maybe that's covered?

Sandra Miller said...


Thanks. :-)

Yes, that's exactly what has kept me quiet-- well, that and a few other things...


Thanks so much for the kind words.

Sounds like you're embarking on quite an adventure of your own. Good luck!

Oh, and I too am curious to see what I'm gonna do next... :-)


There will indeed be a six month review-- which should help.

Funny you should mention the shortage of tech people in the northeast-- my sisters have been telling us this for a while now, hoping we'd make a move out that way...

And yes, I was surprised about Lifescan not being covered as well.

But get this-- we received a letter a few weeks ago from our current insurer telling us that Lifescan was being dropped from their formulary!



Good to know about your experience with the Flash-- I believe it is covered. And Joseph used this meter while at diabetes camp.

He thought it was "really cool."

Molly said...

I love my Freestyle... so much that I have 2 Flashes, 2 Freestyle Lites, and a Cozmonitor attached to my Cozmo.

Nicole P said...

Sandra -

I have been meaning to get by here and send you my thoughts - all these big changes - both exciting and scary, I know. I'm hoping everything works out great. Sometimes, if you ask the right person, you can get the appropriate information from the company to call the insurance and get information about what they will and won't cover... I did that as I left my last job (due to benefits-related financial issues) and the one I have now. I wanted to be sure I wasn't getting myself into another no-win situation... I called HR and spoke with their benefits specialist - who gave me the group #. The insurer was happy to give me information as long as I had that number... Hope this might help (at least to alleviate that worry...)

Re: YOUR career. I will be excited to here about what you'll be doing next!

I cannot wait to hear about all the rest too.

Thinking of you.

ox, N

Carey said...

Hi Sandra. I wish you and your family all the best as you embark on these new paths. Take care.

Rachel... said...

Exciting times even bring a little stress, huh?

I hope you're able to find something perfect for the needs of your family.