Sunday, August 19, 2007

Three Years

Some days -- especially on this one -- it doesn't feel like all that long ago that he didn't have this thing.

Ryan says he has a hard time remembering. Joseph never talks about it-- the way things were back then.

Still, I can't seem to forget.


Nicole P said...

Oh, Sandra. This made me cry.

I remember some days before diagnosis so distinctly - all of the things I said, and did, and ate on those particular days... But, to be honest, given when I was diagnosed (and you know that J and I have similar diagnosis dates), most of the best memories of my life had diabetes in tow - I can't imagine those memories would be any more or less amazing if I didn't have diabetes. I cling to that FACT.

Give Joseph a BIG hug for me, please. And please accept the big hug I'm sending you... (((Sandra)))

Vivian said...

Sandra, Big Hugs! We will hit this same mark in January. I think, as moms, we will never forget our carefree babies before D and yet we will always have that incredible pride of how well they have handled such a powerful life change.

The closeness, teamwork, character, faith in each other and priceless friendships that these past three years have cultivated are gifts from an otherwise thorny field. Our boys are doing great. They are wonderful kids and they show us how to focus on the things to be thankful for rather than the things to curse. We are very blessed, even in the darkest moments.

I am sending much love to you and your family my friend. Hang in there, you will never be alone.

Scott said...

Truth be told, as a parent, you are probably more worried than your son is! But that's what parents do best: worry.

Bernard said...



I'm looking forward to the day when we don't remember these ones.

Mine is in a few weeks. And I really don't remember what it was life beforehand. :-(

Christine-Megan said...

Wow, 3 years. (((hugs))) Keep on keeping on.r

Sandra Miller said...


For such a short post, this one made me cry too.

The hugs are gladly accepted.

While Joseph and I were playing cards this morning, I asked him if he realized the significance of August 19th (I didn't mention it yesterday):

"Umm... is it someone's birthday?"

"No, Bud- it's the date you were diagnosed."

"Wow... that's three years, right?"

"Yup," I said, holding my breath-- waiting for what he'd say next.

"It's your move, Mom-- draw."

That was it.


Thanks for the support-- and the much-needed reminder.


I do believe you're right.




That's the plan. :-)

Kerri. said...

I don't remember much at all "Before" my diagnosis almost 21 years ago, but I've had a remarkably love and laughter-filled "After."

Thinking of you, and your beautiful family, as you mark this moment.

Molly said...


Don't know if you read my last post, but I just had my 32nd year anniversary with diabetes last week.
I agree with Scott...parents worry more than we probably do.
I celebrate my day because to me it means that I have accomplished something. I'm healthy and the date means that I've spent another year doing things mostly right.

Congratulations to you and Joseph for doing things right. :-)

Minnesota Nice said...

Oh. My.
One of my favorite quotes is "the years teach us that which the days never know".
I realize that you guys have had many days filled with sadness, frustration, and hard work - all for the sake of diabetes.
But, just look at Joseph now. He is thriving. You and Ryan are great parents. Joseph is growing up to be a responsible, sensitive and compassionate boy, in addition to getting a lot of kid-stuff in.
The advancements in research and technology are growing exponentially, and I also look forward to the improvements to come.
Joseph is going to be fine. I really believe that.
Sending good wishes to the east.

Major Bedhead said...

O's ten year is coming up. It's kind of making me nauseous to think about. I want to write something about it but I can't seem to form coherent thoughts on the subject. I just get teared up, so I wind up leaving the computer in frustration.

Sandra Miller said...



"Remarkably love and laughter-filled."

That's exactly what I want for Joseph's "After."


I'll read that post tonight.


Thanks. :-)

And Julia-

I know exactly what you mean.

Penny said...

I'm thinking about you Sandra.

Even though Joseph is doing great, I know that those anniversaries can get you right in the heart.

Riley's 2nd one is coming up in a couple of months.

Shannon said...

It's amazing how quickly the D years go by.

Our children are still the bright, vibrant, smart, funny people they were always meant to be despite having diabetes.

mel said...

Sandra--I didn't realize they were so close either. And then I thought to myself, "Did I read that post?" So I came back to read it and I did the first time, but I think in my own little world of rushed-ness, I didn't get to comment. After re-reading it and the comments, I find it interesting how all touched on remembering. I love hearing about how Joseph deals with his diabetes--it's quite remarkable to me!

Glen said...

I've had type 1 for 25 years now(since I was 2) and don't actually ever remember not having it. I almost think it has been easier that way as other people I have known had a lot harder time getting used to it.

As someone already said, you are probably more worried about it than he is, I know my mom always was and my wife now sure is.