Wednesday, June 06, 2007

On The Diamond

Last night.

My son plays in his 12th baseball game of the season.

During the first inning, he struggles on the mound-- walking a couple of batters, letting go a couple of hits.

But he keeps it together, allowing only one earned run.

(Once back in the dugout, he discovers his blood sugar is dropping fast. He eats a couple of glucose tabs, some peanut butter crackers.)

Over the next two innings, he gets two solid hits -- driving in five runs.

(And his blood sugar begins drifting upward. He steps out of the dugout, lifts his shirt, and reconnects his pump. I give him a tiny bolus of insulin, while his eyes remain fixed on the teammate who steps up to the plate.)

In the bottom of the final inning, he's catching.

His pitcher hits the second batter he faces and then -- frustrated and upset -- walks several more.

My son heads out to the mound, removes his mask, puts a hand on his friend's shoulder and tells him something that none of us in the stands can hear.

Something that causes both boys to smile.

He returns to his position behind the plate, squats down low, left hand resting on the small of his back.

And his buddy throws him a perfect strike.

Their team wins-- their 10th victory of the season.

(Though to me, every time my son steps on the diamond, he wins.)


Minnesota Nice said...

Gosh, Sandra, they are certainly doing better than our pathetic Minnesota Twins.

Shannon said...

Did you ask him what he said to the pitcher?

I'm nosey like that, LOL.

What an awesome record!

Carey said...

I also want to know what he said.

Good kid.

Nicole P said...

Loved this story, Sandra.

Hope to hear more good ones like this from your way.


PS - My word verify is "peatsock" - wonder what one of those looks like?

Scott K. Johnson said...

Great story.

Bernard said...

Thanks for the story, great win!

Penny said...

Yes, I think he's a winner too.

Great story, Sandra.

Sandra Miller said...

Shannon & Carey-

The pitcher was getting really upset primarily because the umpire had been calling a ridiculously tight strike zone all game-- for both teams.

So, Joseph told his friend:

"Hey, after the game let's just kick this guy's ass."

Molly said...

Do I see another southpaw?
I'm a lefty batter, though right-handed in all other areas of life.
It's a fun time of year in the midwest. Summer baseball season.

Ah, it doesn't get any better. :-)

Sandra Miller said...


You do indeed see another southpaw.

And as my boy gets older, summer baseball out here just keeps getting better. :-)

Rachel... said...

I am so glad that so many of the male children of the OC play baseball. My nephew did for a couple years, but soccer has taken over. (Not that soccer is bad or anything, but...)

Carey said...

That's awesome!