Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Moving Along

Hey, I'm still here.

And I'm no longer completely freaked out by my not-so-good eye appointment.

Though I can't say I'm not a little scared-- sometimes a bit more than a little.

Just not so damned freaked.

Anyhow, as a number of you wisely suggested, I did stay away from Google.

At least initially.

You see, a couple of days after writing my last post, I confirmed that there is indeed a history of glaucoma in my family.

Turns out one of my uncles got it while in his 50s-- and at least two other cases are likely.

And, well... I sort of panicked.

But then, I thought:

Wait a minute-- when the technician checked my eye pressures she said they were "good and low."

Aren't increased pressures the big indicator of glaucoma?

So I checked.

But Googling "low pressures" and "glaucoma" only made things worse.

Seems a third of all cases of the disease are what's known as "low tension" or "low pressure" glaucoma.

And there's a correlation between this type and a history of low blood pressure (my normal bp is -- and always has been -- around 90/50).

Well that sucks.

So there ended my Googling anything to do with glaucoma.

I figure that whatever I find won't matter-- it's not gonna affect my test results.

And speaking of those tests, did I mention when they're to take place?

That would be June. The 14th and the 19th.



Best to keep busy and think about something else until then.

Thus, the Saturday after that not-at-all-good eye appointment, I visited the Botanical Gardens with Ryan and the kids.

Where we saw many beautiful things.

Eye Candy, if you will:

And the following Saturday we made a day trip to Chicago.

In addition to walking around our old neighborhood and eating at our favorite noodle joint, we spent the afternoon at the Shedd Aquarium.

Yes, a good (and very relaxing) time was had by all.

Now, you may be wondering what's been going on during the many days surrounding these two Saturday excursions.

(Obviously, not much time spent on the computer.)

Unfortunately -- since Evan has just climbed on my lap -- that, my friends, is gonna have to be another post.


Shannon said...

Damn Google for not giving you good news, LOL.

It sucks that you have to wait so long for an appt. I hated having to wait more than a month for an MRI for that headache I had (which turned out to be clear btw).

And HELLO to those blood pressure numbers....I wish mine was that low. Mine is usually 135/84.

I have to get the family out and about to a place like the Botanical gardens. It's the closest I can get to Spring time.

Penny said...

I'm glad your nerves have calmed a little, but man it sucks having to wait so long for the tests.

But, it looks like you're taking it all in stride, like you do everything else.

Rachel said...

Too bad you have to wait so long for those tests.

I miss Shedd. :(

M said...

The flowers are beautiful! I'm so ready for spring.
I don't do waiting very good, so I can just imagine how hard it will be for you to wait until June. And as another Mom to a diabetic son, I can just imagine that it's a bit shoking to have to wait for your own tests (when we are used to worrying about our kids).
By the way, thanks for your blog. It's been comforting to me.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Sandra, if there were some really bad situation with your eyes, don't you think they would have scheduled the appointments sooner? Take it as an indication that it's all no big deal.

Awesome pictures - the flowers are breathtaking!

Minnesota Nice said...

It's easier to nurture optimism when we're going into spring, no? Those beautiful flowers are just oozing with well-being and healing.

julia said...

Beautiful flowers. I love flower shows - I always feel so cheerful, which, trust me, is not my normal MO.

That is one big man with an equally big fish....

Sucky about having to wait so long. I'd be googling like mad and we all know that's a bad, bad thing.

Sandra Miller said...


Yeah, I've always considered myself lucky to have the low blood pressure-- it was even that way through both pregnancies!

And yes, definitely seek out a Botanical gardens-like locale-- a visit really does get you in that Spring mindset.

Oh Penny-

I wish I really did take everything in stride, but seriously-- I think I worry about things way too much...


I couldn't believe how much the Shedd has changed! It was awesome-- Joseph loved the "Shark Room"... very scary and way cool. :-)


Thank you so much for the kind words.

And you are right-- I've been so used to worrying about Joseph's highs, lows, a1cs, exams, tests... that, yes, this is a bit shocking.


I think I have myself about 90 percent convinced that that's true.

Thanks for reinforcing that thought.


So true.

And now -- seeing my own (not yet, but soon to be flowering) crocuses, daffodils, and tulips coming up-- yes, those feelings are stronger still.


I needed to feel cheerful that day-- and man, this was just the ticket.

Oh, and on the googling-- I'm a research junky. So that first week, I practically had to sit on my hands.

And now, I've just got too many other things to think about...

Bernard said...


Sorry that you have to wait so long. I hope the coming of Spring means that the time will just fly by.

Thanks for those wonderful pictures.