Sunday, June 18, 2006

Another Road Trip

We head out early tomorrow morning-- a drive only slightly shorter than our last road trip.

This time we're taking the older vehicle, the '95 Odyssey (more of a wagon than a van, really) with 105,000 miles on her. Oh and yes, she's still burning oil.

But she's a Honda, and the guys over at the shop have complete faith in her ability to deliver us safely to our destination.

And man, we could sure use the extra room.

In addition to the usual stuff, we're taking all of Joseph's baseball gear; my and Joseph's fishing rigs (you never know when you might come across a good fishin' hole); lots of music (Ryan is a CD junkie); toys and books for Evan... you get the picture.

Anyhow, we're all really excited.

You see, our destination is North Carolina. A place neither kid has seen, and one of which Ryan and I have many fond memories. We'll be visiting Ryan's brother and his wife.

We haven't seen them in three and a half years.

Not since Evan was five months old.

Before Joseph became diabetic.

They're just not gonna recognize these kids.

We'll be away ten days, so posting may be choppy, possibly non-existent-- but if I can, I will.

For a parting smile, I thought I'd share photos from a wonderful afternoon just two weeks ago.


(Click on any one of these to see more over at Flickr.)

Beautiful kids...

and many beautiful cows...


Jamie said...

Have a great time, Sandra. I love the photo's :)

I look forward to hearing how your vacation went .... enjoy!

Rachel said...

Enjoy your vacation! I love the picture of Joseph and Evan together - that deserves a frame!

terrilynn said...

NC is a great place to vacation (and an even better place to live!). Hope y'all have a great time here.

Allison said...

Your kids are ridiculously cute.

Can I take them home with me?

I understand if you won't let me. I just had to ask.

Johnboy said...

Sandra, I think I know exactly where that road sign is located...and it's not too far from me!

Maybe there will be Sandra fam sighting? LOL

Have fun!!!

Michel said...

Have a great time Butches!!!! Wear your seatbelts. Drink some good ole Southern sweet tea for me.