Saturday, April 08, 2006

Just When You Think You're Havin' A Good Day

It's pouring rain outside-- buckets.

But despite the wet weather, today is gonna be a good day.

I had a decent night's sleep, and Joseph's bg is only slightly high before he has his breakfast, and sets out for the bus stop.

Evan is in fine spirits upon waking, putting on her fabulous, sparkly pink pants and her purple shirt with the hearts on the front. She's excited about her two-hour "First Friends" class at the Y-- though it's just one day a week (Fridays), it's really nice for her.

For me too.

Today, I'm meeting a friend for coffee. Such a luxury-- a live conversation on a weekday with another adult.

So, off we go to the Y, with Evan talking about today's theme -- "the body" -- the whole way there.

"Mommy, I'll tell you all about my body after school."

"You do that, honey," I say with a smile.

At the Y, Evan joins the nine other kids in her class, and I depart for my grownup time at the coffee shop.

My friend and I talk about her recent vacation, and how it was almost spoiled when both of her kids came down with an awful stomach virus just days before their trip.

"Man, I hate those things," I said, "I remember years ago, when Ryan and I were in Portugal-- before kids, of course -- I'd gotten food poisoning our last night there.

"And I refused to throw-up. Burning up with fever, sick as a dog, but I wouldn't do it. Until Ryan bribed me with a secret-- then and only then would I let loose. I really, really don't like throwing up."

My friend just laughs and laughs.

Soon I've drained my cup of decaf, and am heading back to the Y.

As we're driving home, Evan begins telling me about her class. She's so animated, sitting in that car seat, hands emphasizing every word.

"Mommy, it was Cole's special day, today. . . he's so cute-- he's just so little, mommy! And he showed us his Teddy bear-- and I made a book about my body! You can read it to me when we get home."

"You betcha, honey." The kid is just killin' me with her enthusiasm.

At home, I begin slicing an apple for the first course of Evan's lunch, while she sits in the living room perusing her new "body book."

That's when I hear the screaming.


I run into the living room, and Evan is standing there-- arms outstretched, crying hard.

Her purple shirt and pink pants are covered in brown vomit.

Rubbing her back, I try to calm her down, but she keeps saying through cries "Mamma, my hands are all wet."

I leave her for a moment to get some old dish towels. When I return, I peel off her clothes, and -- very gently -- wipe her hands, her face, and then her feet.

Minutes after I change her into her favorite soft, purple nightgown with the butterflies-- she throws up all over the front of it.

This is the way it goes for the remainder of the afternoon, the evening.

All. Night.

We try to keep Joseph away from Evan, because -- all the time I'm holding my feverish daughter, worrying about her becoming dehydrated, about how frightening this must be for her -- I'm also thinking about her brother:

Please don't let him get this thing. Oh God, please don't. It would be so much worse for him.

So here we are, Saturday afternoon. Evan is resting, finally able to keep down a bit of flat ginger ale.

And I've got a screaming headache.

You see, last weekend, while eating a hamburger I bit down on something that felt like a small pebble.

Hurt like the dickens for a day or two, and then just a dull ache on the right side of my jaw for several days after.

Then yesterday, while Evan dozed briefly, I sat down and ate a ham sandwich (didn't have much of an appetite, but knew I really needed to eat).

And again, felt something strange in my mouth. This time, I pulled out a hard, white, piece of something. I looked at it a moment, wondering if it was part of the ham . . . while at the same time moving my tongue around the inside of my mouth, my back teeth . . .

Horrified, I suddenly realized that I was holding a small portion of one of my back molars.

Okay, this is not good.

I guess whatever was in that burger did a lot more damage than I originally thought.

(Now, this scares the heck out of me, because I've never had a problem with my teeth.)

Soooo, I called my dentist and was told they could get me in next Wednesday.

Just hope by then, I don't start vomiting, too.


Vivian said...

I really hope your little one is feeling better. I am praying that it does not invade the rest of your family. I have had bad teeth ever since I got pregnant the first time, each kid just made them worse. Hopefully if you get it taken care of soon it will be your only incident. Sending big hugs in your trials and sparkly thoughts that it will all be good again soon.

Shannon said...

I'm keeping an eye on Brendon as I write this. He's saying his stomach hurts and he doesn't want to eat, plus his glucose has been low all know what this indicates.

All of us went through the stomach virus except for Brendon. I'm just hoping today isn't his turn.

Ellen said...

Oh I hope your daughter has a speedy recovery and everyone else remains healthy.

Do you keep any anti-vomiting meds in the house? Our ped endo gave us a 'script for Phenergan suppositories to keep in the house. Another ped endo said he had local compounding pharmacist create a topical Tigan that could be rubbed and absorbed on the wrist to stop vomiting. You may want to speak with the doc to keep things on hand just in case.

So sorry about your tooth :-(.

Anonymous said...

I remember days like that so well! Not fun. Our favorite book for those days was: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.
Hope the dentist visit goes ok and your daughter all better soon!

Jamie said...

Poor Evan :( I hope Joseph doesn't get it - I know that feeling in the pit of your stomach - while it's hard enough to deal with a kid who doesn't have D - it's so, so much worse when your D kid does get it.

Let us know how it goes. Hope Evan has had a better day today.

Sorry to hear about your tooth, too. I had one of my teeth break off last fall - not a nice feeling when you bite into something and there is a "crunch" that isn't supposed to be there. Pregnancy will do that to you. (the gift that keeps on giving lol).

Here's to better days!

Penny said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Joseph doesn't get it and that Evan gets well very , very soon.

Sorry about your tooth!

julia said...

Urgh on both fronts. That sucks. I hope Evan is feeling better and that Joseph doesn't get it.

And the tooth thing. Blah! I'm currently in deep denial over the fact that I'm going to need a root canal soon - hopefully yours can just be filled or crowned or something less agonizing.

Tekakwitha said...


Yuck. Yuck yuck yuck.

Hope everyone gets better (or stays well)!


Kerri. said...

Hopefully things have taken a turn for the healthier over at your house, Sandra. I hope little Evan is feeling better!

And as far as that tooth thing goes, I hate the dentist. (I still like Caro, though.) I'm scared to death of him. So I have such empathy for your pain.

Get well soon!!!

Nicole P said...

Hope things are better today... And that your tooth is OK.

Sandra Miller said...

Thanks for the support, ladies.

Evan is FINALLY able to keep some foods down. She's had a really rough go with this virus (just when I thought she was out of the woods, she threw up again last night-- Dang!).

Poor thing is looking so thin...

Oh, and so far (she whispers, not wanting to jinx it) none of the rest of us have come down with this thing.

In the meantime, on the tooth front:

Since Evan is not yet 100%, I've had to reschedule my dentist appointment-- can't really leave her with friends as they all have young kids, and probably wouldn't like to expose them to the virus.

Sooo, until next Tuesday, I'm stuck nursing a headache and chewing on the left side only-- and you know, food just doesn't taste the same over there. Bah!

caro said...

I'm glad Evan is feeling a little better, and that the rest of you (I'm whispering too now) seem to have escaped this thing.

As for the tooth, I hope it turns out to be a straightforward fix.

Kerri, I'm glad you don't hold being a dentist against me! I can understand why a lot of people don't like dentists, and I learnt pretty quickly not to take it personally when people tell me how much they hate me!