Friday, December 16, 2005

Sledding 101




Now that's what I'm talkin' about.


Megan said...

Ah, that looks like fun!

Nicole P said...

Ooooo... I love that feeling of going down a hill that seems SO big and SO slidery... ;)

Sandra, thank you for your comments on Curious Girl; I'm so pleased you've enjoyed some of my writing. Your son sounds like my kind of kid and your posts about him, and your life and your struggles with diabetes have both made me laugh -- out loud -- and touched me deeply.

You've got a fan in this girl.


Shannon said...

Brendon wants to go sledding today. We have a nice big hill as our front yard. Makes life easy for everyone involved.

Here's to more sledding!!

Kerri. said...

I can't wait for the next snowfall so Chris and I can grab some sleds and go act like the little kids we think we still are.

gina said...

Your son is your total clone!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra,

I've been actively following Printcrafters Guardian blog and he mentioned your I'm new to it but I love to read what you write.. my 8 year old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 last February and sometimes I feel like no one understands what we go though and what it's like... I so wish I could transfer the Diabetes from her to me!! When I read your post on the sledding tears came to my eyes... the lows are so scarry!
Have you ever tried Extendbars???
Everytime we go swimming, hiking, etc. we give her an ExtendBar and sometimes she gets 1/2 or 1/4 of the bar before bed... they really help preventing a low....I order mine online at Hope this helps.
Keep writing... I'll be reading

Cathy :)

Penny said...

What beautiful kids!!! I loved this post. It's nice to see and hear things about our kids that have nothing to do with diabetes.

Elizabeth Snouffer said...

Dear Sandra:
What fun! Great to see -- snow never sticks in London...even though A Christmas Carol perpetuates the myth.
Beautiful children!

Tekakwitha said...

Yay for sledding!