Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Need a New (Out) Look

Yeah, I was kind of a downer in my last post. Sorry about that.

Because of the tone of that entry, and just how I've been feeling in general since returning from vacation, I've decided to try to get a handle on the overall angst that's been threatening to take hold.

Sometimes if you just change some little things, the effects can be big. See Coffee No More.

So, inspired by Tekakwitha, I'm getting back on the bike trails (our recent vacation sort of derailed my daily regimen).

Joseph starts school tomorrow, so the plan is to get up early, see the boy off, wake up the girl, eat, and go. Wish me luck.

In addition, I felt the blog needed a change as well. So, inspired by Amy, and (interestingly) urged by my husband, I've changed my profile photo.

Now, when I asked Ryan if he'd simply not liked my old photo, he said "It's fine. You just look like.... well, you're reeeally concentrating."

Uh huh.

So, I'm still in the same red shirt. I'm just not drawing up a shot-- a shot of NPH, no less (since Joseph's on the pump, the old photo probably feels a bit dated anyhow).

I'm keeping the blog name though. Even though he's off shots, it still feels like much of what we do here-- trying to solve the mysteries of food/exercise/hormones, their effects on Joseph's blood sugars, and of course, how best to bolus -- is indeed, very much, a shot in the dark.


d double e said...


Please dont apologize for your last post. It sums up most of us (parents anyway) are feeling almost all the time about "fucking diabetes." I'm glad you can vent here. :) You'll always have an open ear and virtual shoulder from me, whenever you need it.

The new picture is adorable! Now I need to get back on my bike and enjoy this "not so fall" D.C. weather.

carol said...

I think one of the universal aspects of this disease (at least among affected people I know) is the dispair over the reality of neverending watchfullness and maintenance. I think we all, caregivers as well as those with diabetes, have plenty of times when testing and treating is just a nuisance. But every once in a while, that intense, burning desire for a break ... just a break! ... breaks the surface.

Tiffany said...

I didn't find your last post to be a downer at all. It was honest and emotional, and the words of a parent who loves her child. I don't know how difficult it must be to be the caregiver and mother of a child with a disease, but I do know that you do it with amazing panache!
You got class, baby, with a capital 'K'!

And I love the new picture! :)

Tekakwitha said...


I like the picture. I've realized how much I like to see the pictures of all the other bloggers. Maybe I'll become a little less anonymous soon...

Did you get out on your bike yesterday?

Shannon said...

Don't apologize for your moods. You're entitled to feel how ever you feel.

As for the biking, I'm dreading the 100 mile ride I have in a few weeks. My stomach has been sitting in my knees for the past week.

Sandra Miller said...

Thanks everyone for the encouraging words.

I am so glad to be a part of such a generous, supportive community.

I missed out on my bike ride (was supposed to happen this morning). Evan had a fever last night and is still under the weather... poor kid.

And Shannon, I'll be thinking of you in the coming weeks as you prepare for the big ride (I'd be nervous too!). I'm sure you'll do great.

p.s. I'm glad folks like the new snap-- though Ryan says "you can't really see your eyes."

Man, there's just no pleasing some people :)