Monday, March 14, 2005

What to Say?

This is my first blog entry. It's kind of liberating to think that I can write something here that might help someone out. Or at the very least, allow me to unload some of the vast amounts of frustration, information and heartache that's been piling up in the seven month's since my 9-year old son's diagnosis. Oh yeah, and type 1 diabetes...
Truly. Sucks.

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Anonymous said...

I am sitting here, with tears running down my face. My son is 10 he was dianosed today. We caught it so fast but I still feel like someone kicked me in the stomach. We see his endocrin doc tomorrow and then we begin a new life, we enter a world that is scary and not safe and no where I want to be. How can this be? I have no answers. I wanted something else for him a carefree easy life. I can never go back and I am so scared.